What Are The Top 6 Best And Amazing Animated Movies To Watch On Netflix
(What Are The Top 6 Best And Amazing Animated Movies To Watch On Netflix/Image Credits:Country Living Magazine)

Netflix provides us with a huge variety of films that people can also watch on their own. Everybody has their own choice, some like comedy films and some like action and thrill but Netflix is showing their animated films with both comedy and action. Everyone uses Netflix in the world because it is the best to watch movies. 

Everyone loves animated movies and comedy movies. Adults can also watch these movies because these movies give us a great lesson and we also learn something from them. Every kind of person can watch it and comedy movies are the best to build up your mood. 

Let’s discuss the top 6 best Cartoon Movies that everyone can watch

Here are amazing comedy and animated movies which are everyone's favourite. You should not miss the chance to watch these fantasy movies and should engage yourself in interesting things. 

1.Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda
(Kung Fu Panda/Image Credits:IGN)

Kung Fu Panda is an American movie and also an animated comedy movie that makes people watch it again and again because of pandas. In 2008, this amazing movie came on Netflix and ended up being the best movie in the world. Kids and adults both loved this film because everyone can watch this film.

In this movie, there are five pandas who live in a land together. There is also a master who trained them and his name is ‘’red panda’’. Because of its wonderful performance, this movie also received so much love and respect which made this movie so successful.

Now you should also watch it and share this with everyone.  This is a comedy film that also entertains you while watching the film and keeps you engaged till the end.  Moreover, Angelina Jolie, jack black, and Jackie Chan dubbed this amazing film which also became so famous because of their performance. 

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(Home/Image Credits:Variety)

Home is a wonderful movie because it is all about aliens who go to Earth to find a new house for themselves. They also had a best friend so they also wanted to buy her a house to protect her. 

In 2015, this fantastic movie was released on Netflix and gained so much love and reviews from the audiences. When this movie came on Netflix it went viral immediately because everyone just watched it and started discussing the film which also made others watch it once. 

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3.Back To The Outback

Back To The Outback
(Back To The Outback/Image Credits:Vague Visages)

This cartoon movie ‘’Back to the Outback’’ is an adventurous comedy film and this film is especially for those people who love adventure films. It is an adventure film because it has so many adventures in it and it is all about scary and deadly animals. 

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4.The Magician’s Elephant

The Magician’s Elephant
(The Magician’s Elephant/Image Credits:X.com)

The Magician’s Elephant is a fantastic movie that also entertains us because it is also a comedy movie and is about an orphan child who comes to live with his guardian. He also has a little sister and he wanted to take her with him; this was his main goal. Furthermore, he also became successful in achieving his goal. 

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5.The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf
(The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf/Image Credits:Netflix)

This Witcher Nightmare of Wolf movie has received several nominations because of its wonderful performance, it became so popular when it was released. This movie is all about Geralt’s mentor and a fellow witcher and people loved their roles and the performances. 

They especially love the end of the movie. You should also watch it on Netflix because it has the best animated films. All of us love to watch on Netflix and millions of people use Netflix to watch their favourite movie because of its great quality. 

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6.The Little Prince

The Little Prince
(The Little Prince/Image Credits:NPR)

The Little Prince is an amazing movie and is about comedy and fantasy which was watched by many people when it was released in 2015. The movie is all about a young girl who meets an old aviator and he tells her the story of the little prince whom he met in the desert.

So, these are the most amazing and best animated movies on Netflix. We have discussed in this article the top 6 best movies that everyone should watch and express their love regarding these comedy movies. Comedy movies always entertain us and engage us to watch them till the end. 

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