Vijay vs Hyena
(Vijay vs Hyena /ImageCredits:Film Companion)

Vijay vs Hyena

The movie that has been shot in the beautiful and scenic views of Kashmir was set to release on 19th October. The movie scene that has been leaked is said to be shot from a camera inside the cinema. Fans can’t wait for the movie to release and the movie fever is real among them. Fans are not happy about the leaked scene and they are asking producers to take action against it.

Hint About Location – Snow Clad Mountains

Hint about location – snow clad mountains
(Hint About Location – Snow Clad Mountains/ImageCredits:Oneindia)

After fans’ concern about the scene, action has been taken against it and the videos have reportedly been removed. Vijay’s fans from all around the world have been anxiously waiting for its release as the movie will not only be released in India but worldwide. In the leaked video scene, Vijay was wearing a white dress trying to confine a hyena. The mountains covered with white snow give the hint of location where the scene has been shot.

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Action Taken By Block X

Action taken by Block X
(Action Taken By Block X/ImageCredits:The Times of India)

Distributors of the movie are worried about the whole incident and they have stopped its distribution by disabling it, but the video has already spread. Social media users are responsible for its spread and they are adamant that they will keep forwarding it to those who are asking for it.

 Block ‘X’ which aims to protect the artists and their work and producer’s original work released a statement asking the audience to stand with them, say no to piracy and support the cinema. 

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Movie credentials

Movie credentials
(Movie credentials /ImageCredits:india Today)

The movie is written and directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj who is famous for his thriller and action movies. The screenplay of the film is written by Rathna Kumar and Deeraj Vaiday. The rest of the cast includes some big names such as Sanjay Dutt, Trisha, Arjun Sarja, and Mysskin. The music for the movie is given by Anirudh Ravichander and is a production of Seven Screen studios.

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Special Message From Lokesh

Special message from Lokesh
(Special message from Lokesh /ImageCredits:india Today)

Lokesh has also requested the fans to not spoil the movie for others by sharing the leaked scene. Lokesh had to share his thoughts on X urging fans to stop it from sharing further. As the scene leaked a few hours before the release of the actual film, it made Lokesh emotional and bizarre. He also thanked Vijay for going an extra mile to bring his vision to life. He also thanked his team for the dedication they have shown towards the movie and putting their heart and soul in the making of this movie.

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Efforts Of Everyone Paying Off

Efforts of everyone paying off
(Efforts of everyone paying off /ImageCredits:Movie Crow)

He further added that the whole team has worked effortlessly day and night to give the best to the audience. Lokesh said that now when the movie is set to release, he is going to miss everything from shots to direction and learning so much from the cast and crew itself. He thanked the audience in advance for showing love and support to the movie even before its release. Lastly, he again requested the audience to visit the cinema to watch the movie for a lifetime experience instead of sharing the scenes and spoiling it for everyone.

Reaction Of Fans

There were some concerned and empathetic fans too who supported the content of the film by sharing their thoughts on social media criticizing those who have done this unethical work. Fans have urged the team to take action against the culprits. They think they can bring down the movie by posting the content, this is so low of them. Block X also left a message for the pirates who mishandled the content and gave them the warning that their accounts will be suspended and a legal action will be taken against them.