Showing children Christian movies is a great way to introduce them to Christian community values and morals in a subtle way. Rather than coming off too strong or preachy, the best way to teach them about the Lord is through kids' media, they’re going to be more curious and intentional to learn if they aren’t forced but rather gradually exposed to the teachings of the Bible. Through the medium of cinema Children can easily learn the bible’s teachings more casually and pick up on the information they’re being delivered.

Here are top 10 kid friendly Christian movies that will teach your kids stories about love, compassion, empathy, acceptance, friendship and good virtues. Some of these many movies are based on holidays such as christmas and makes it even more interesting and fun to watch.

Jonah and the Big Fish

Jonah and the Big fish is another movie revolving around the life events of Jonah as mentioned in the Bible. One of them was when he got swallowed by a fish underwater, when he tried to run away from the people of
 Nineveh who were extremely unkind to him when he tried to follow God’s command and preach His message to them. This entertaining movie will teach kids about God’s mercifulness, forgiveness and love.

The Prince of Egypt

This animated film narrates multiple stories from the life of Moses. It is a 90’s classic and teaches kids the events of the Bible through animation.

A Turtle's Tale

Sammy’s Adventures: This inspirational animated movie is about the life course of a sea turtle named Sammy. He and his best friend Ray swim together and go on multiple adventures underwater. His story also involves finding the love of his life.

Pilgrim's Progress

Pilgrim’s Progress is a classic inspirational animated movie about
 Evangelism & Redemption. It’s a beautiful story to introduce your children to the basics and pillars of their Christianity faith. It's full of different colours and is a cartoon movie about John Bunyan and his adventures.

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Different Drummers

This movie explores the drama genre introducing the audience to our main character David who is diagnosed with muscular
dystrophy and is on a wheelchair. His friend Lyle attempts to help him in order to recover again while also questioning whether God exists or not.

Ben Hur

Judah Ben Hur is a Herbew prince who is tested by God with multiple hardships and challenges in his life. He gets enslaved by the Romans and tries to get back home, but during this attempt he ends up falling in love with another enslaved girl. His love is tested throughout his journey back home. A great movie to teach your kids unconditional love, patience, kindness and determination.

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Adventures of Bailey: The Lost Puppy

Bailey is an adorable golden retriever puppy who accidentally gets lost when he and his family are moving to a new place. On his journey to find his family and get back to his new house, he makes new friends. This is a great movie to teach your kids about family relationships and genuine friendships. 

Evan Almighty

Evan Almighty is a comedy movie starring Steve Carell and Morgan Freeman. It narrates the story about Noah and how the disastrous flood affected everyone. But with a twist. The story is set in modern times and is a spin off of the well renowned movie Bruce Almighty.

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Letters to God

This is a very emotional, heartfelt, heart touching and sweet movie. The plot revolves around a nine year old boy named Tyler who writes letters to God as He is his only friend. A postman reads his letters and finds inspiration in the innocence of a child who doesn't know how to reach God.

The Ultimate Gift

This movie is about a character named Jason Stevens. He thinks his financial freedom, privileged background and inheritance will give me immense success and happiness. The main twist is when he doesn't receive inheritance on his birthday but instead twelve gifts teaching him what actually is important in life. He learns that peace of mind, happiness and joy in life comes from the heart not from any worldly desire fulfilment.

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Kj's House

Kj's House is a musical drama movie about teaching life lessons with family values to children with entertainment means such as singing and dancing. Apart from entertaining the kids, at the same time teaches them important life lessons such as practising patience, being thankful and giving a helping hand to someone who is in need.

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