While plenty of movies are inspired by biblical tales, many also depict authentic narratives of individuals overcoming impossible odds, transition stories, and passionate romances, not to acknowledge personalities who link up with greater truth and find strength in advancing their faith in God.

The Best Ever and Top Christian Movies that are based on true stories

Heaven Is for Real 

Greg Kinnear, a local entrepreneur, volunteer firefighter and pastor and his wife, Kelly Reilly, are having trouble covering their expenses during a challenging year. Greg and Kelly are delighted at their son, Connor Corum's, supernatural recovery following an emergency operation. The Burpos, on the other hand, need to prepare for what comes next. Connor claims to have been to heaven and back and told his parents things he could not have known.

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Miracles from Heaven 

Kylie Rogers has a rare, untreatable disorder that prevents her from digesting food. Despite the dreadful prognosis, devoted mother Jennifer Garner seeks tirelessly a way that can save her precious daughter. Everything shifts in a moment when Anna tells an incredible story about visiting heaven after enduring a headlong fall into a tree. Her relatives and doctors are even more perplexed when the young girl recuperates from her terminal condition. 


After 25 years in the army, Roman military tribune Joseph Fiennes hasn't changed his ways. He comes to a fork in the road when he is assigned the task of solving the mystery surrounding the events that occurred to Cliff Curtis after the crucifixion. His journey to invalidate speculations of a risen Messiah, followed by trustable aide Tom Felton, causes him to doubt his own faith and spiritual beliefs. Joseph finds the answer he has been searching for as his path takes him to places he never imagined.

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Alex Kendrick, a deputy sheriff, suffers an unfortunate individual disaster that leads him to wonder what is truly important to him. Taking solace in his faith, Adam vows to be a good dad to his adolescent son Rusty Martin and persuades his co-workers to affirm that each of them will strive to be good Christians and parents. Sadly, when it involves earning quick money, one of the men's moral conscience seems to have been destroyed.

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Facing the Giants 

Grant Taylor, the head coach of a Christian high school football team, receives some devastating news. Aside from his and his wife's infertility issues, he must contend with local parents' efforts to compel the school to substitute him. He has never had a successful record in his six years as coach of the Shiloh Eagles. Following a visitor's message, Grant encourages his team to employ faith to overcome adversity and opposition players. 

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Breakthrough is one of the latest Christian movies based on true stories. It features John Smith dropping through the ice when playing on an iced lake and failing to recover consciousness. Doctors warn his adoptive parents to prepare for the worst, but his mom, Joyce Smith, is confident that her son will recoup. 

The Other Side of Heaven 2: Fire of Faith 

In the 1960s, missionary John Groberg and his family returned to Tonga. When their sixth kid arrives with a severe disease, they confront the utmost faith test, only to be encircled by the prayers and affection of thousands of Tongans. Inter-religious discord is broken down as everyone comes together in the desperate hope of a miracle to rescue the baby and the Tongan minister's son.

Just Let Go 

Chris Williams decided to make the most crucial life decision amid tragedy. On a cold night in 2007, a dedicated dad with four kids and a seventeen-year-old drunk driver was sentenced to life in prison. Each faces a significantly different future in one violent, disastrous instant. But, as Chris Williams sat in a wrecked car, recognising that his eleven-year-old son, wife, nine-year-old daughter, and unborn baby had all been killed, he made an unprecedented decision: he would forgive.


Six Liberian missionaries escape the pervasive violence in their home country as they are entangled amid a violent conflict in Monrovia. Their final destination will be Freetown, Sierra Leone. The missionaries embark on their challenging journey with the assistance of local Church leader Phillip Abubakar, only to find their problems exacerbated by a rebel fighter tilted on assassinating one of their own. 

The Saratov Approach

The Saratov Approach tells the extraordinary, untold tale of elders Andrew Propst and Travis Tuttle's week-long kidnapping in Saratov, Russia. The missionaries are abducted, beaten, and held hostage for almost a week on the opposite side of the globe in Saratov, Russia. They are tested emotionally, physically, and, most importantly, spiritually while their relatives, friends, and the world at significant pray for their secured return.