Dear Child’ Revealed: The Final Twist, Killer And Jasmin’s Brillant Scheme Unveiled
(Dear Child’ Revealed: The Final Twist, Killer And Jasmin’s Brillant Scheme Unveiled/Image

Netflix’s ‘Dear Child’ as ‘Liebes Kind’ portrays a grim story of escaping a woman from custody and her connection to an unanswered missing person case who were 13 years ago. Depending on the book by Romy Hausmann of a similar name, the series stars ‘Kim Riedle’as ‘Lena’ who was a woman, found fleeing from the kidnapper when she was occupied in an awful accident.  

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It has soon become superficial that ‘Lena’ is Jasmin Grass actually who is a woman who was forced and kidnapped to raise the offspring of Lena Beck, Jonathon and Hannah. So, do you know who is real ‘Lena’ in Netflix’s Dear Child ’ and what took place for Jasmin? Let’s read on to discuss more that you need to know for the ending of the Netflix series. 

The Ending Of Netflix’s ‘Dear Child’

The kidnapper of Jasmin has come and ho. They stayed always till the opportunity presented itself on an unassertive day. Jasmin tinkled her keeper to the head with the snow globe of Jonathan and fled her prison to discover herself as the victim of a hit and run. 

Since the concerned driver checked her, Hannahcollided with him out with a tree branch. A short time later, her dad reached and called an ambulance when she begged him to let Jasmin live. He slashed the face of the driver and took him back to the home of high security to look it as if he was the folk, holding Jasmin against her desires. 

Meanwhile, Hannah moved with her to the hospital and when the time came, the killer gathered them both with Jonathan to start a new life being a family. Thankfully, it was not to be. Jasmintricked her captor into thinking that he continued to exert power over her when she escaped her prison. 

She dyed her hair blonde and dressed in the outfits he’d chosen for her so that she would look like Lena. Jasmin happily left her flat and climbed into the mobile house where he waited for Hannah and they went off afterwards. 

She’d hidden a knife on her sleeves that was her plan’s part. Jasminwho acknowledged that he would monitor her through the cameras that he’d installed into the apartment, liked him to discover the weapon. On the way, she influenced the killer to pull the vehicle so that she could go to the washroom.

Then, he walked her down through the sandy tunes and changed her way to offer her some privacy and a foolish decision what she had done during the last time when his back was turned down. As far as he was convinced, she’d no weapon to deliver when he had removed the knife that left him improvised for what had to come. 

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Who was the murderer in ‘Dear Child’? 

Dear Child’ Revealed: The Final Twist, Killer And Jasmin’s Brillant Scheme Unveiled
(Who was the murderer in ‘Dear Child/Image Credits:The Cinemaholic)

At first, the detectives thought a group of men kidnapped and killed Lena. They were also worried about Jasmin's kidnapping. Eight women who looked like Lena had disappeared too. The police found their identities as they found body parts in the nearby woods. 

Over time, the culprit was unmasked, Lars Rognerwho was the head of the Security Organization, Rognerand Son, that he took from his grandfather. He’d been raised through his grandmother and Lars Senior when his mother was ‘too young’ when she gave birth to him and fled. The uniqueness of his biological father stays anonymous.

Lars confined Len because of the resemblance she shared with his mom. He thought that he could build the traditional family unit that he himself had been deprived of. 

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Who Is The Actual Lena In ‘Dear Child’? What Happened To Her? 

Dear Child’ Revealed: The Final Twist, Killer And Jasmin’s Brillant Scheme Unveiled
(Who Is The Actual Lena In ‘Dear Child’? What Happened To Her/Image Credits:Netflix)

Lena was raped several times by Lars when she was held captive. When she gave birth to her third kid, she bonded the postpartum infection and passed away as was done with the baby. 

Larstook her body to her house and hid into the garden that he unveiled to detective, Gerd Buhling when he was dying. It has happened to mark the end as a painful and long chapter for her parents. 

Who Were Hannah and Jonathan’s Father In ‘Dear Child’? 

Dear Child’ Revealed: The Final Twist, Killer And Jasmin’s Brillant Scheme Unveiled
(Who Were Hannah and Jonathan’s Father In ‘Dear Child/image Credits:The Cinemaholic)

Lena was romantically involved with a man named Florian, who fathered her child, Hannah. Meanwhile, Jonathan's father was Lars. However, their lives took a dramatic turn when Lars kidnapped Lena while she was pregnant. Despite the challenging circumstances, Lena gave birth to Hannah in a high-security facility.

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