Animation is art brought to life. Knowing that a large team of skilled artists and storytellers got together and dedicated their time to make every frame from scratch, be it with traditional ink and paint or with computer-based technology, makes animations all the more special.

Are you looking for an interesting animation to invest your time in? Then you’re in the right place. Here are all the best animation movies on HBO max to watch.

1. Castle of the sky

Castle of the sky released in 1986 will forever be an evergreen animation movie. Even years after its release this great animated movie presents a world that couldn't convincingly be presented via live-action filmmaking. The movie was co-written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki at his renowned Studio Ghibli in Japan, and involves sky pirates, magical stones, steampunk, and treasure. 

The animation is set in a futuristic version of a late 19th-century mining town, and follows the story of teenage orphan Pazu who catches the enigmatic Sheeta after she falls from the sky. Before long, they're on the run from air pirates and government agents who want her enchanted amulet that helps provide access to the magical floating kingdom of Laputa. 

2.  Corpse Bride

Produced by popular animation director Tim Burto, Corpse bride is one of his best animation. The story follows a deeply sad but equally sweet tale of romance and melancholy, of a nervous groom-to-be Victor who is dragged into the realm of the dead and into the life of the lovelorn and deceased Emily. His new "corpse bride" serves as Victor's guide to the underworld, but eventually, she helps him return to the world of the living before his betrothed can marry Barkis Bittern, one of the most evil villains to ever appear in a Tim Burton film.

3. Fantastic Planet

Imagine if your favourite movie "Yellow Submarine" was a science fiction story instead of a surreal fantasy, it’ll be mind blowing right! Now imagine that it was an animation, What you have is Fantastic planet. Set on the creepy planet of Ygam, blue intelligent creatures called Draags import humans as pets. The movie focuses on one of these people-pets, Terr, who's accidentally imbued with advanced knowledge, and he eventually escapes and joins a band of other free and independent "Oms," leading to a majorly psychedelic conflict.

4. from Up on Poppy Hill

From up the poppy hill is an exceptionally written and created 2011 Studio Ghibli film originally made for Japanese television. The movie is set in 1963 when Japan was at a cultural and historical crossroads. A generation removed from World War II, the nation looked to move on and modernize from the crushing conflict and into a peaceful and illustrious future as it prepared to host the Summer Olympics. That’s just the general setting of the story. The movie follows the life of a Yokohama high school student Umi who together with a local reporter Shun, work to save their local teen hangout marked for redevelopment. As they work hard together their only goal is to save their spot save from the clutches of city redevelopers who have marked the building for demolition. It's sweet, it's nostalgic, it's absolutely delightful.
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5. Howl’s Moving Castle 

Howl's Moving Castle is a 2004 animation. It tells the story of a young woman named Sophie who labors all day in her parents' hat shop, fantasizing about what life would be like with a mysterious, handsome, blond stranger she frequently encounters. But on a family trip, she runs into a Witch of the Waste who, jealous of Sophie's youth and beauty, curses her to live out her days as an old woman. Sophie in a bid to break the curse tries to find the mysterious stranger who lives in a castle. 

Finally Sophie catches up with that mysterious stranger, a wizard who lives in a castle and can transport through time and space at will with the help of the castle which is populated by a fireplace-dwelling demon named Calcifer. And with that, Sophie is living with the wizard named Howl and exploring a world of magic and mischief as they both try to break the curse and give Sophie a life worth living.
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