6 Best Movies That Were Nominated For Oscars But Didn't Win
( 6 Best Movies That Were Nominated For Oscars But Didn't Win/ImageCredits: Etsy )

The Oscar Award is currently one of the greatest award any movie of actor can win. The award nights have become an established and revered tradition that has evolved throughout the years. 

While the Oscars have indeed done a good job nominating and awarding some beloved movies by viewers, there are many Oscar-worthy films that despite being nominated missed winning the golden statue, and these titles include some of the most critically acclaimed and influential films of all time. Here are 6 of such movies.

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1. Lady Bird

Lady Bird
( Lady Bird/ImageCredits: Etsy )

Lady Bird was one movie that deserved the Oscars best pictures award. Although it was nominated, the movie didn't get to win the Oscars that year.

The Lady Bird movie according to viewers was given a 99% score which is hardly considered a failure. The movie, directed by Greta Gerwig follows the life of a teenage girl (Lady Bird) who has identity issues and a sharp mouth to go with it.  The sarcastic comedy in the movie also captured the attention of viewers as Lady Bird tries to establish a sense of self and build a vision for her future. 

The movie also portrayed the strained mother-daughter relationship between lady bird and her mother. After a long journey, Lady Bird gets accepted into the college of her dreams and leaves her hometown. The space away from her family gives her the time to rethink her relationship with her mother and reach back to her home with a changed perspective.

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2. Memento

( Memento /ImageCredits: Etsy)

Momento is a classic evergreen movie. The movie was released in 2000 and is rated as one of the rarest cinematic experiences that deserve to be honored with the top award. 

Momento housed both mystery and thrill giving viewers the ride of a lifetime through out the whole duration of the film. Directed by ChristopherNolan, who is known for his excellent movies and his undefeated talent in bringing life to the screen, the movie follows the story of Leonard (Guy Pearce), a grieving insurance investigator who is obsessed with finding the man who killed his wife.

What is most interesting about the movie is that Leonard suffers from anterograde amnesia which causes him to have memory gaps thus making his mission to finding a killer who doesn't want to be found very difficult. 

The movie beautifully portrays a man with a will to avenge his lovely wife despite being heldback by his own weaknesses. 

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3. American Psycho

American Psycho
( American Psycho /ImageCredits: YouTube)

Considered as one of the greatest movies of all time, American Psycho surprisingly never got any Oscar wins even after rocking the world with an ending that till today has left several viewers debating what is true and what is not. The ending of the movie leaned towards everything being hallucinated by Patrick especially after the death of Paul Allen. 

In the movie Patrick played by Christian Bale partook in heinous acts of murdering people he deemed unworthy of existence. He killed not only his colleague but a homeless man, a dog, a supposed girlfriend, and sex workers. As his thirst for blood increased, his perception of reality began to reduce causing him to have hallucinations.  

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4. The Wolf of Wall Street 

The Wolf of Wall Street 
( The Wolf of Wall Street /ImageCredits:Facts.net)

The wolf of wall street is a 2013 movie that had a whooping five Oscar nominations but never won a single one. 

The movie follows the story of a stock broker and how he climbs his way up the financial ladder. Although many fans argue that the movie did not deserve winning the Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay at the Oscars due to its straightforward display, the biggest snub was reserved for Jonah Hill who, despite a career-best performance as Donnie Azoff in the movie, lost out to McConaughey’s Dallas Buyers Club co-star Jared Leto. 

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5. Psycho 

( Psycho /ImageCredits: Photowall)

Psycho which was released in 1960, was one of those movie that went far beyond the thinking of their time to create something mind blowing. It can be said that Pyscho opened the doors of Hollywood to horror genre into mainstream cinema. However, it was probably a little too ahead of its time for the Academy. 

Although nominated four times in the Oscars, the movie never truly won an award. 

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6. It’s A Wonderful Life 

It’s A Wonderful Life 
(It’s A Wonderful Life /ImageCredits: YouTube)

The last movie on our list is, it's a wonderful life. The movie which was released in 1945, has remained a classic which many people have continued to enjoy over the years. This is why it is quite surprising that despite having five Oscar nominations the movie never truly won an Oscar. 

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