To Make You Laugh: Here Are Top Rated Korean Comedy Movies
(To Make You Laugh: Here Are Top Rated Korean Comedy Movies /Image Credits:Cinema Escapist)

Whether it's the story of a documentary filmmaker capturing her neighbor's belief that he's a superhero, in "The Man Who Was Superman " or the heartwarming tale of a seventy-year woman who magically regains her youthful appearance in "Miss Granny " these Korean comedies are filled with uproarious characters and provide a refreshing break from American comedy films.

This list features an array of movies ranging from the critically acclaimed "The Good, The Bad, The Weird" to the crime comedy gem "The Quiet Family" and even the quirky man vs. Dog adventure in "Barking Dogs Never Bite." From comedies to horror comedies to action-packed comedies some of the funniest films include classics like "My Sassy Girl," heartwarming hits like "Sunny " thrilling heists like "The Thieves " and even comedic transformations like in "200 Pounds Beauty."

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Extreme Job (2019)

Extreme Job (2019)
(Extreme Job (2019)/Image Credits: DAILY TIMES Nigeria)

A journey as an inept team of narcotics detectives led by the determined Captain Ko (played by Ryu Seung ryong) goes undercover at a fried chicken restaurant to dismantle an organized crime syndicate. This film skillfully blends humor, with action showcasing the chemistry among its cast while delivering exhilarating fight sequences choreographed by renowned stuntman Chung Chi Li.

Moreover the distinct concept and crafted characters have played a role in the overwhelming popularity of this show, in South Korea and other regions. It has firmly established itself as a must see for enthusiasts who enjoy both comedy and action genres.

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Going by the Book (2007)


Going by the Book (2007)
(Going by the Book/Image Credits:Rotten Tomatoes)

This movie is a gem in the landscape of Korean cinema. Among the action comedy genre, Going by the Book truly shines as a standout. Ra Hee chan's exceptional directing skills shape the storyline focusing on Jung Do man (played by Jung Jae young) an rule abiding officer who unexpectedly becomes a bank robber as part of a police training exercise. The twist comes when Do man starts taking his embraced role a bit seriously leading to hilarious situations.

The movie seamlessly blends elements of comedy and fueled action into its narrative. A significant portion of its success can be attributed to the performances by Jung Jae young and Son Byong-ho. Their chemistry as an on screen duo is captivating, intertwining comedy and action to create an enjoyable spectacle.

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The Thieves (2012)

The Thieves (2012)
(The Thieves (2012)/Image Credits:Catchplay)

Immersed in a world of high stakes theft and betrayal The Thieves presents audiences with an exhilarating action comedy film that takes them on a thrilling roller coaster ride. The plot revolves around a group of thieves each possessing their unique set of skills, who meticulously plan to steal a valuable diamond from a casino, in Macau.

The film is full of captivating action scenes that are sure to engage the audience. The high energy heist sequences, showcasing planning and flawless execution, along with thrilling chase scenes provide a rush of excitement.

The incorporation of humor seamlessly blends with the action introducing a shift in tone and an extra layer of entertainment. From remarks, to timed physical comedy the humorous elements enrich the overall story.

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The Dude in Me (2019)

The Dude in Me (2019)
(The Dude in Me (2019)/Image

"The Dude in Me perfectly captures the essence of filmmakers' knack for serving up genre cocktails that keep their audiences entertained. The story kicks off with a twist of fate as a shy high school student and a mafia boss find themselves magically swapping bodies after an accident.

What unfolds is a sequence of mishaps at school and comedic attempts to maintain control within the mafia hierarchy. To add to the chaos the mafia boss discovers that he has a daughter who happens to be studying in the class as the student whose body he now inhabits. Overall this movie is a blend of action, fantasy, crime and teenage comedy.

Veteran (2015)

Veteran (2015)
(Veteran (2015)/Image Credits:Kornspitz)

On the other hand The Veteran revolves around a police detective's relentless pursuit of justice against a ruthless young heir from a powerful conglomerate who has committed murder against an innocent truck driver. The tension escalates dramatically as these two unwavering characters clash in a battle that poses threats to those around them.

This film gained popularity in South Korea. Received numerous accolades. Its exceptional writing takes the traditional cop chase movie formula to heights while skillfully choreographed action sequences further enhance its impact."