90 Day's Danield Rejects Yohan As A 'kept Man', And Shekinah Says Sarper As 'giant Red Flag
(90 Day's Danield Rejects Yohan As A 'kept Man', And Shekinah Says Sarper As 'giant Red Flag /ImageCredits:People)

The fog has begun to clear for the couples of '90 Day Fiance: The Other Way'. Though life abroad may appear like a paradise, it is far from it since the Americans begin to grasp the inner workings of partners' personalities. The Monday night episode highlighted four couples who are making great life decisions. From marriages and babies to buying new beds, here are a few relationships left off.

Sarper And Shekinah

Sarper and Shekinah
(Sarper and Shekinah /ImageCredits:Screen Rant)

Shekinah was living in Turkey officially, and she'd started to indicate some things about Sarper that she did not like. Despite their empathy in the bedroom, their thoughts over social media, general lifestyle and fitness were dignified to affect their future. The episode starts with Sarper insisting on considering Shekinah to see whether she matched the 'goal weight' he set for her. This has naturally made her painful. 

Later, Shekinah and Sarper had their first big battle over a selfie that Shekinah took. The snapshot of the couple was looking cute enough that she liked to post it on Instagram, though Sarper said that she wasn't allowed to do that. He told her, 'Your Insta account isn't private. Anybody can see you. Hence, whenever you upload something, somebody can say something on that concern'. 

The anxiety Sarper was on that woman from his past events who would slide from her D.M.s with disclosures of her self-proclaimed playboy, her boyfriend. Later in the episode, Sarper and Shekinah take a boat tour and with a red blanket on their shoulders, she jokes her boyfriend is a 'giant red flag'.

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Yohan And Daniele

Sarper and Shekinah
(Yohan And Daniele/ImageCredits:E! Online)

Yohan was contemplating at the end of his wedding to Daniele. Throughout a workout session with a friend, Yohan uttered his frustration on Daniele after the immigration meeting when she thought that she was comfortable with sponsoring her husband on a U.S. travel visa. Yohan said, 'Daniele was aware of my financial condition from the beginning. I have spent my full life working here and nothing at all.  Yohan further commented, 'You like to live here. Though, I will not pay rent, and I will not rent cars. I am tired of all this stuff, and I am done with that. Since this breaking point emerged, Yohan and Daniele shopped for the cars to buy $30,000 models.

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Armando And Kenny

Armando and Kenny
(Armando and Kenny/ImageCredits:Reality Blurb)

Armando and Kenny made two big decisions during the night's episode on Monday. Firstly, Armando falls in love with Mexico City throughout the trial summer and agrees to move and pack up full-time. Though he got nervous being susceptible to the crime, Armando was fulfilled and felt safe; the men determined to wait for their daughter Hannah's school year to wind up before shifting to the place. 

Kenny had an 'epiphany' on welcoming a new kid through surrogacy, 'I have come to the decision on surrogacy in the mid night. I was up to all night thinking about it and I said to Armando that I would have a reply on him when we left Mexico City', Kenny revealed to cameras. Kenny decided he wanted to be farther again and agreed to welcome a kid with their marriage. 

This was great news for Armando, who has been enthusiastic about starting a family together. As Kenny and Armando drove back home, it was obvious that they had both arrived at a shared agreement and were on the same page regarding their plans. 

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