Shep Rose Of The Television Show 'Southern Charm' Has Expressed His Disapproval
(Shep Rose Of The Television Show 'Southern Charm' Has Expressed His Disapproval /Image Credits:People)

Following her conversation with Taylor Ann Green, during which Olivia Flowers discovered that Taylor and Austen Kroll had contemplated dating, she was overcome with emotion and contacted Leva Bonaparte during the latest episode. In an on-camera interview, Olivia, aged 30, stated, "During this period, she claimed that they had a conversation, and I was in California for three days. During my absence, Austen persistently sought my reconsideration, fervently desiring another opportunity. Taylor, intriguingly, played a pivotal role in influencing my inclination towards granting clemency. Yet, a mere seven days elapsed, and a sudden transformation overcame him.

Endeavored to provide reassurance

Meanwhile, Taylor, aged 28, contacted Austen, aged 36, who attempted to reassure her that there was no appropriate time to inform Olivia about their discussion. Taylor expressed her confusion to the cameras, questioning, "Were Austen and Olivia ever together? It was all very perplexing." Austen refused to accept responsibility, stating, "I am tired of apologizing to everyone for something I didn't do wrong," to Taylor. The game of telephone continued when Austen contacted Taylor's ex-boyfriend, Shep Rose, to inform him that he would not be attending her Day Chaser canned cocktails event.

There existed a more profound underlying matter

There existed a more profound underlying matter
(There existed a more profound underlying matter/Image Credits:Life & Style)

Shep, aged 43, inquired as to why, and Austen explained that Olivia had just learned about his conversation with Taylor. Before the event took place at her restaurant, Leva endeavoured to encourage Taylor to be forthright with Olivia. The 44-year-old star of Southern Hospitality expressed, "It is incumbent upon you to disclose the complete truth to her." During an on-camera interview, Leva opined that she believed there was a deeper underlying issue than what Taylor had initially conveyed to Olivia.

Suggests a more profound correlation

Leva criticized Austen for his absence from Taylor's event, deeming it "petty," while Olivia regarded it as "Exhibit A" of Austen's character. Olivia and Shep shared a ride to the event, during which Olivia apprised Shep of Austen and Taylor's discussions with their respective families regarding the prospect of dating.He commented that engaging others in this matter signifies a more profound connection that surpasses mere friendship. Shep pondered over the circumstances that led to this situation. "Perhaps she simply sought solace in someone's embrace," Shep conveyed to Olivia. "However, the fact that it happened to be him, given our own relationship, is utterly deplorable."

He articulated his doubts

He articulated his doubts
(He articulated his doubts/Image Credits:Us Weekly)

Instead of attending the Day Chaser event, Austen opted to spend the evening at the residence of Whitney Sudler-Smith, accompanied by Whitney's mother, Patricia Altschul. Austen proceeded to recount the events of the evening to Whitney, who inquired about any romantic involvement between Austen and Taylor.

Unexpectedly came across

Austen contacted Craig Conover during the Day Chaser gathering and extended an invitation for him, Shep, and Madison LeCroy to join them at Patricia's residence. Before Shep could make his way over, he unexpectedly encountered Taylor."I must admit, I was taken aback to hear that you both actually deliberated on whether it was appropriate to see each other so soon," Shep remarked to Taylor. "That is quite astonishing. It's rather unbelievable." Taylor vehemently denied any intimate involvement with Austen, asserting, "I have never come close to engaging in any romantic encounters with Austen."