Shep Rose Suspected On The Chemistry Between Austen Kroll And His Ex Taylor Ann Green
(Shep Rose Suspected On The Chemistry Between Austen Kroll And His Ex Taylor Ann Green/ Image Credits:People)

Southern Charm of 'Thursday' spoke up with Taylor Ann Green to try on promoting canned cocktails at her new job when she quit her position as an orthodontic associate to tour the world with his former boyfriend, Shep Rose. She apologised for that decision. 

A 28-year-old, Taylor, said during an on-camera interview, 'I left the job without knowing something would be lined up'. Taylor is a brand representative for Day Chaser cocktails and is attempting to convince restaurant and bar owner Leva Bonaparte to consider them, which she considers a significant opportunity. She told the cameras, 'Impressing Leva will be the big deal'. 

A 44-year-old, Leva Bonaparte, was not impressed, but she assisted the new efforts of Taylor. The mother of Lamar Jr., who's aged 5, has called Taylor out for implying to Craig Conover at the Wedding Celebration of Madison Lecroy that his girlfriend, Paige Desorbo from the Summer House, cheated on him. 

There's a rumour on Paige that she has been not realistic with Craig. But it is just a gossip. Taylor acknowledged that she confessed and said it hurtful during an on-camera interview that she genuinely regretted what she told 34-year-old Craig.  

There Are More New Beginnings From Taylor's Side. 

The new-appointed BFF of Taylor, Olivia Flowers, tried to shift on through a date with Rod Razavi, whom she met at a bar. Olivia told the cameras how she dated Rod compared to her date with Austen Kroll. She said, 'I lived in Neverland, and now, I live on earth'. 

Rod went beyond their date by making a separate stop to get Olivia for gluten-free bread, jammed with her sandwich. Olivia told Rod when she clarified that she did not identify the meaning of the idiom 'dime a dozen. She said, 'You're an impressive gentleman'. 

Madison Lecroy FaceTimed with her mother for her wedding carnival and informed her that she and her husband, Brett Randle, began conversing over a baby. A 32-year-old, Madison, said they are discussing getting off birth control. The mother of 10-year-old Hudson shared that 37-year-old Brett has returned from his California job as a firefighter. 

Madison said to her mother, 'Now, he is in office or out of the fighting fires and he is working to be with us more'. He said he would always take him around if he had a baby. 

The Love Triangle Forms

The Love Triangle Forms
(The Love Triangle Forms/ Image Credits:People,Page Six,Southampton Golf Club)

Meanwhile, Austen, Craig, and Justin Thomas (JT) played golf together. JT mentioned inviting Taylor to join him during a trip to France and shared that 'in Paris, she got together with my friend.'

Justin Thomas then inquired if Shep, aged 43, was bothered by the fact that the founder of Trop Hop beer remained close to Taylor. Craig added, 'I believe it's his way of maintaining a connection with her. It seems to provide him with a sense of comfort.'

Speaking to the cameras, Craig explained that Austen, aged 36, spending time with Taylor went against his rule of not socialising with his friend's exes. He explained, 'It ruins your trust in your colleagues.'

Later, on the golf course, Justin Thomas conveyed a similar sentiment to Austen. He said, It's a precarious situation. You can't maintain genuine loyalty to both sides. This may be prone to complications down the road.'

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