Wes Bergmann Explains The Reason On His Retirement From 'The Challenge': It's Time To Say Goodbye
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Wes Bergmann has retired officially from 'The Challenge'. The three-time champion, Bergmann, went into the Season 2 of 'The Challenge: USA' that it would be his last time competing over the franchise. 

He initially disclosed his purposes for hanging out his jersey in the season while voting into an elimination. He got emotional over his decision to retire because of work promises and his wife's pregnancy for their first child. Though he won the elimination and continued to the game, Bergmann was picked out to go into another elimination in this episode a week after his ally, Josh Martinez, deceived him by voting for him. 

Bergmannlost the elimination contrary to the winner of 'Survivor', Chris Underwood and declared that this would be the last time he competed in 'The Challenge'. He clarifies the meaning of his retirement if fans discover him again within the franchise, how he feels about the betrayal of Martinezand more.

Wes Bergmann Revealed About His Feelings That He Has Watched During The Episode

In an interview, Wes Bergmann was asked how he feels about his exit now that he has watched it throughout the episode. Bergmann answered, 'There is a lot of time when the people have picked me to go after, they mean about it, and they never have the motivation to tell it in front of my face. But in interviews, they go back, and they will say things like, we are voting Bergmann as he is an asshole'. 

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He continued, 'In such a situation, they were very honest. They were like, we will go after him as he'll beat us at the end. He's better than us. 

Bergmannstated, 'The main mistake I made was that I continued running on the treadmill while they just sat there, like in a glass house, and watched the guy show off his skills. I could easily outperform him, and I am smarter than them. They realised they were in trouble because of my running and puzzle-solving abilities.'

Wes Bergmann Spoke About His Commitment To His Retirement

Wes Bergmann Spoke About His Commitment To His Retirement
(Wes Bergmann Spoke About His Commitment To His Retirement/Image Credits:People)

During an Interview, Wes Bergmann asked, 'how committed are you for your retirement? Honestly, losing a veteran like you seems like a shocking reveal for the franchise?'

Bergmann answered, 'Yeah, I'd assumed that through the time I left, I would help mentor to replace me with more people. Regrettably, I've been unsuccessful in doing these things. There are a lot of people who're not ready to take my role, which seems a little disappointing, but they'll get there. What makes my 'retirement' to every folk, me, my fellow competitors and my fans to swallow this does not make good sense. 

Bergmann further mentioned, 'I am retiring as I am not good at all. I don’t retire as I don't wish to be there at the show. I love going, I love game, I love fan engagements, I love the aftereffects, the community and I love in-between seasons. It is like a scheduling and work-linked thing with my actual job that I happen to discover more lucrative and more fluffing tasks'. 

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