A Six-Year-Old Child Afflicted With An Exceedingly Rare Medical Ailment
(A Six-Year-Old Child Afflicted With An Exceedingly Rare Medical Ailment/Image Credits:StoryMD)

The genesis of this compelling chronicle finds its roots in the diagnosis of Rasmussen's encephalitis, an exquisitely singular and chronic inflammatory neurologic malady, dating back to the fateful month of August 2022. Brianna's mother, Crystal Bodley, serves as the herald of this captivating revelation, disseminating the story through a GoFundMe platform.

Per the erudite annals of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), Rasmussen's encephalitis emerges as a profoundly esoteric and chronic inflammatory neurological disorder, a predilection it exhibits towards the exclusive occupation of a solitary cerebral hemisphere.

The Progressive Decline Of Neurological Functions

The Progressive Decline Of Neurological Functions
(The Progressive Decline Of Neurological Functions/Image Credits:People)

Manifestations of this ailment encompass recurrent and severe convulsions, cerebral inflammation, cognitive degeneration, and the gradual erosion of neural functionalities, such as motor dexterity, articulation, and unilateral bodily mobility, as elucidated by NINDS.

In consonance with the GoFundMe campaign dedicated to Brianna, her affliction was ascertained subsequent to her dual hospitalizations in the span of a single lunar cycle, which followed an array of nocturnal seizures. In light of the failure of numerous medications to alleviate the seizures, which resulted in damage to Brianna's brain, it was advised that she undergo a functional hemispherectomy.

The Act of Disconnection

This surgical procedure involves the disconnection of the brain hemispheres from one another, as it is stated on her GoFundMe page that it is the sole remedy for seizures caused by RE. 

Crystal expressed that Brianna experienced considerable pain due to the incessant seizures, which are evident in her leg jerking throughout the day, even during periods of sleep. Furthermore, in an interview with ABC7, she also conveyed that her daughter's leg would frequently bend up and she would encounter difficulties while walking. 

The Progression Of The Disease

The Progression Of The Disease
(The Progression Of The Disease/Image Credits:Loma Linda University Health, Citizen Digital)

Consequently, Dr. Richard Aaron Robison from Loma Linda University Health conducted a 10-hour surgical procedure, stating to ABC7, "Merely disconnecting the brain is sufficient to completely halt the disease and potentially cure it." 

Robison further elucidated to the media outlet, "Even after the disconnection of half her brain, Brianna will remain unchanged as an individual." As of October 3rd, Crystal provided an update on the GoFundMe page, stating that Brianna's medical team is currently focused on pain management to alleviate her post-surgery discomfort.

The Process Of Rehabilitation

Moreover, the six-year-old will embark upon an extensive program of rehabilitation aimed at restoring her capacity to ambulate, employ her upper limb, and engage in speech therapy, among various therapeutic interventions. Brianna will persist in her rehabilitation endeavours until she achieves the ability to walk independently and recovers full mobility in her arm.

However, she will not fully recover her fine motor skills in her left hand or peripheral vision in her left eye. Crystal stated, "The process of her recuperation shall prove to be a demanding expedition, yet she exhibits extraordinary fortitude and resolve." I am confident that she will achieve great things and triumph over all these challenges."