Substance Abuse And Many Other Top Scandal Topics 

Substance Abuse And Many Other Top Scandal Topics 
(Substance Abuse And Many Other Top Scandal Topics/Image Credits:The Sun,Daily Mail)

What often goes unnoticed is the behavior that many of these stars engage in. Substance abuse and addiction are issues, among celebrities and due to their presence in the media spotlight these personal struggles become public knowledge. Despite society's perception that these addictions have no consequences for the celebrities themselves they actually do impact not their own lives. Also the lives of their fans. One perfect example is Justin Bieber and his millions of followers. The carefree attitudes exhibited by celebrities like him inadvertently glamorize the behaviors to both adults and impressionable young individuals.

On another note entirely Amanda Holden stole the show at the Attitude Awards 2023 held at The Roundhouse in Camden, London on Wednesday evening. The popular Heart FM presenter co-hosted the event alongside Alan Carr and looked absolutely stunning in a dress with an eye-catching ruffled train. Amongst guests were Ashley Roberts and Myleene Klass from Global Radio as well as Vick Hope.

The red carpet was adorned with an array of arrivals who gathered for this annual event that celebrates and honors influential individuals within the LGBTQ+ community.

It seemed like everyone was going for daring looks today. Myleene Klass caught everyone's attention with her outfit that showed off some skin while Vick Hope chose a provocative 'nude' ensemble.

Will Smith Oscar Slap

Will Smith Oscar Slap
(Will Smith Oscar Slap/Image

When the incident occurred at the Academy Awards in March, where Will Smith struck Chris Rock on stage there was a moment of silence as everyone in the auditorium was unsure how to react. It was quite unusual. Following the slap Smith raised his voice. Said, "Please refrain from mentioning my wife in such a manner." This reaction came after Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith's decision to shave her head due to alopecia. Subsequently the Academy declared that Smith would be barred from attending their events for ten years. In response Smith expressed his acceptance and respect for this decision in a statement. He posted an apology video in the media acknowledging that his own behavior was unacceptable.

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The Wagatha Christie Trial

The Wagatha Christie trial
(The Wagatha Christie trial/Image Credits:The Independent)

In May at the Royal Courts of Justice, two WAGs (wives and girlfriends of high-profile athletes) named Rebekah Vardy and Colleen Rooney found themselves facing each other in court. Vardy had initiated proceedings against Rooney for defamation following accusations that Vardy had been leaking personal information about Rooney to The Sun newspaper. Due to circumstances including the pandemic it took years for this trial to reach its conclusion which garnered significant attention, on social media platforms. Consequently, it became one of the most anticipated libel cases ever reported extensively by numerous media outlets.

The court used the WhatsApp messages, tweets, and Instagram posts exchanged by the individuals with their contacts, as evidence. This unconventional use of court evidence brought culture to the forefront creating a buzz on the internet with its meme nature.

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Adam levine Cheating Scandal

Adam levine Cheating Scandal
(Adam levine Cheating Scandal/Image Credits:Business Insider)

Back, in September there was a scandal involving Adam Levine and an Instagram model named Sumner Stroh. She claimed they had an affair, which led to women coming forward with allegations of receiving direct messages (DMs) and cringeworthy sexts from the singer. Levine denied having an affair. They admitted to crossing the line by sending flirty DMs that he shouldn't have. Many people, including Chrishell Stause and Emily Ratajkowski weighed in on the power dynamics within Levine's alleged relationships. The internet had a field day turning his alleged DMs into memes, the infamous "I may need to see the booty" line.

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Olivia Wilde’s Scandal

Olivia Wilde’s Scandal
(Olivia Wilde’s Scandal /Image Credits:Daily Mail)

At Comic Con in April Olivia Wilde had a moment on stage. While discussing a film someone from the front row passed her an envelope. It turned out to be custody papers from her ex fiancé Jason Sudeikis, known for his role in Apple TV+s hit show Ted Lasso. Wilde considered it a sabotage attempt since it happened while she was working on stage.

According to a spokesperson, Sudeikis claimed to have had no knowledge of the manner in which the legal documents were delivered. Eventually Wilde emerged victorious in the custody dispute as the judge determined that California, where Wilde currently resides is considered the home state, for their children.

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