Age Is Just A Number: Al Pacino Looking Iconic On Red Carpet
(Age Is Just A Number: Al Pacino Looking Iconic On Red Carpet/ Image Credits: GQ,British GQ)

Being above 70 years does not stop Al Pacino from rocking the latest fashion wears to different Red Carpets.

We all know there is somewhat of an unspoken dress code for the old and famous in Hollywood. It mostly entails a black suit and white collard shirt, some black trousers and some dark shades if you're feeling fashionable.

In summary you just have to look like Christian Bale. You know: tasteful, conservative, able to be placed handsomely into the audience shot during any Meryl Streep acceptance speech. With your hair cropped close to your head and your suit close to your body and your clothes made with  simple fabrics sharp enough to erase the fact that you are probably wrinkled 

Currently, the fashion icon of the old people dress code in Hollywood is Anthony Hopkins. I bet every old-person-stylist in Hollywood has a photograph of Anthony Hopkins from the 2015 Oscars pinned to his mirror like a barber has pictures of Brad Pitt.

But you know what Al Pacino is doing? Well, he’s not trying to look like a man old enough to have great grandkids. Which is why he’s the best thing about awards season, if you ask me. I mean, don’t get me wrong—I like Anthony Hopkins and would love to be seated next to him at a dinner sponsored by a handbag company. But Al Pacino is wrecking the age limits in America. 

Age Is Just A Number: Al Pacino Looking Iconic On Red Carpet
(Age Is Just A Number: Al Pacino Looking Iconic On Red Carpet/ Image Credits: Capital News,MEAWW)

He’s one person that shakes the tides when he walks into any red carpet. If you watched the 2020 Golden Globes awards you'll understand what i’m talking about. Simply put, I’m saying he’s the most courageous man in American fashion.

Dressing like cinderella at a ball or Queen Anne on her way to a huge meeting isn't that courageous in 2023. Dressing like you play bass in an avant-garde brunch jazz ensemble when you’re at the Screen Actors Guild Awards…that is courageous.

Al Pacino proves to people that age is indeed a number and you shouldn't be limited to what to wear just because you're are above a certain age. He dresses up to date with whatever outfit he thinks looks good on him. 

I personally don't think Al Pacino has a stylist, but if he does, I'm sure the stylist will always be on the move looking for the latest clothes that looks like Steven Tyler’s road manager from the '80s who hasn’t left Topanga Canyon since the Doobie Brothers broke up.

Look at Pacino at the step-and-repeat with his giant mane of clearly 80+ year-old hair: No one is saving Al Pacino from himself. And what’s better than that? What’s better than seeing someone on a red carpet and actually having a sense of what they’re all about? He’s Al Pacino! He’s not gonna recede into the background.

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His 2020 movie reviews and his outfit on the red carpet had many fans talking adding a new term chewing scenery to the Hollywood vocabulary. And look at his outfit at the 2020 Globes: That’s a suit custom-made for eating an entire Hollywood lot. It has scenery crumbs all over it. You want to know what’s inside the mind of a Boomer? Like really in there? Inside the mind of every 70-year-old is a vision of himself as Al Pacino, striding into a fancy Hollywood dinner, dressed like a former member of the E Street Band member. 

It's normal for people to also criticize his abnormal dressing code as many have decided that the standard just shouldn't be broken. But that's what Al Pacino is here for! To break age barriers and if you don’t like it? Fine. It’s not for you, anyway. It’s Al Pacino’s fantasy, we’re just watching it on Instagram. 

Without shading other older actors who have conformed to the Hollywood Christian Bale machine, after crossing a certain age and deciding to look prim and proper, I’ll take Al Pacino. Get ready, Oscars, because this man is going to tear the house down. And also possibly remind viewers with his stunning outfit that age is definitely just a number.

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