Amber Heard alleges that Jason Momoa was impersonating Johnny Depp while on the set of Aquaman
(Amber Heard alleges that Jason Momoa was impersonating Johnny Depp while on the set of Aquaman/Image Credits: Goad News)

Fresh allegations have emerged from the defamation case involving Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, shedding light on Jason Momoa's purported conduct on the set of Aquaman. As per court documents released last month and obtained by Variety, Heard, aged 37, described her co-star as "inebriated" and "tardy on set" in notes taken by clinical and forensic psychologist Dr. Dawn Hughes, who was retained by Heard's legal team to provide testimony. 

Hughes' notes further indicate that Heard claimed Momoa, aged 44, arrived on the set of the DC Studios superhero film "attired like" her former partner Depp, sporting "all the rings." In a statement, DC Studios affirmed that "Jason Momoa professionally conducted himself at all times on the set of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. We are eagerly anticipating the film's release this December." 

Johnny Depp Was Successful In Three Legal Claims

The defamation trial that took place in Virginia last year was initiated by Depp, aged 60, who sued his former spouse for defamation following an op-ed she wrote in 2018 that contained allegations of abuse. Following the trial, Depp won three claims while Heard won one of her three counterclaims, and subsequently paid him a settlement of $1 million. 

Throughout the protracted legal proceedings, Heard testified that her role as Mera in the upcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom had been significantly reduced due to the public scrutiny of her personal life. The director of the franchise, James Wan, stated last month that her character was never intended to play a major role in the sequel. 

Conversations Amongst Producers

Conversations amongst producers
(Conversations amongst producers/ImageCredits:22 Words)

Heard testified that she had fought hard to remain in the film, but was given new versions of the script that removed several of her scenes. Walter Hamada, who was then-president of DC Films at Warner Bros., testified in court that discussions among producers had taken place regarding a perceived lack of chemistry between Heard and Momoa, but that her defamation trial had no bearing on the size of her role in the sequel. 

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Heard's talent agent, Jessica Kovacevic, also testified that she believed the actress's televised trial opposite Depp had negatively impacted her career. According to the new court documents, the notes from Hughes contain indications from Heard that Momoa had expressed a desire to terminate her from the sequel. 

Wan Elevated His Vocal Tone

The notes further reveal that Heard alleged there was tension with Wan on the set of Lost Kingdom, which was filmed in late 2021. Specifically, she claimed that Wan raised his voice at her and blamed her for his inability to post about Aquaman. 

In response, she apologized. the report by Elon Musk, who was previously in a relationship with Heard, sent a "scorched-earth letter" to Warner Bros. via litigators, threatening to cause significant damage if she was removed from the sequel. Representatives for Musk have not yet responded to requests for comment. 

The Actress Is Presently Residing In Spain

The actress is presently residing in Spain
(The actress is presently residing in Spain/Image Credits: JoBlo, Bloody Disgusting!)

It has come to light that Amber Heard is set to grace the silver screen once more in the upcoming cinematic masterpiece, "In the Inferno," scheduled for its theatrical debut on the 13th of October. The visionary director behind this magnum opus, Conor Allyn, has articulated that the thespian currently finds her abode in the picturesque landscapes of Spain, accompanied by her beloved daughter, reveling in a life rich with fulfillment.

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After the harrowing trial of defamation, wherein Heard was subjected to ominous threats of mortality, she resolved to translocate her tender two-year-old offspring, Oonagh Paige, from the precincts of the United States to the enchanting realm of Spain. According to an insider, this profound decision was spurred by the tumultuous maelstrom that had engulfed the United States, rendering it a less-than-ideal abode for tranquility.