At The Age of 14, Angelina Jolie Resided Alongside Her Romantic Partner In The Bedroom
(At The Age of 14, Angelina Jolie Resided Alongside Her Romantic Partner In The Bedroom  /Image Credits: HOLA)

Angelina Jolie's nascent years were marked by tumultuous challenges, chiefly emanating from the dissolution of her parents union in 1976. She resided with her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, who relinquished her thriving acting career to care for her children. 

In spite of the strained relationship between the luminary Maleficent actress and her father, Jon Voight, her mother tacitly endorsed some of her impulsive endeavours, including cohabiting at the precocious age of 14. It may astonish many to learn that Angie had to endure bullying during her formative academic years. 

In Light Of Our Limited Financial Means

Her slight frame, coupled with her need for glasses and braces, made her a target for ridicule from her peers. Additionally, her modest financial circumstances further compounded her sense of alienation.

At the age of 14, Angelina Jolie exhibited rebellious behavior as a result of the challenging experiences she had encountered. In response to her reckless conduct, Marcheline Bertrand found it necessary to permit her daughter's then-boyfriend to reside with them.

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Partaking In Imprudent Conduct

Partaking in imprudent conduct
(Partaking in imprudent conduct /Image Credits: NBC New)

In a 2003 interview conducted by Cosmopolitan, Angelina Jolie candidly confessed, "The maternal figure in my life possesses an extraordinary depth of compassion and discernment, and the choices she made on my behalf were steeped in contemplation."

At the tender age of 14, I was confronted with the dilemma of either partaking in heedless exploits on the streets alongside my paramour or permitting his presence within the confines of my boudoir, all while my maternal guardian lingered in the adjoining chamber, as my intentions were to foster a romantic relationship.

The Alleged Relationship Has Purportedly Been Terminated

Upon her deliberation, I continued my daily attendance at school and commenced my inaugural romantic involvement in a manner that assured my shelter from turmoil. Additionally, Angelina Jolie and her significant other engaged in a ritual identified as knife-play, under the presumption that the corporeal and emotional facets of their liaison were wanting in adequacy. 

On one occasion, the couple became covered in blood after inadvertently injuring each other during this intimate activity. The relationship purportedly concluded when she reached the age of 16.

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