Observe Bella Hadid Sporting A High-fashion Appearance With A Shaven Head
(Observe Bella Hadid Sporting A High-fashion Appearance With A Shaven Head/ Image Credits:Daily Mail)

Bella Hadid exhibited diverse hairstyles as she transformed into a robotic siren for a futuristic fashion campaign. The 26-year-old model was featured in designer Marc Jacobs' latest Heaven collection campaign. Bella promoted a new range in the clothing line, launched in 2020, through a photo shoot that the brand has recently shared. 

The campaign, reportedly promoting the new 'Kiki Group' collection, showcases Bella modelling various pieces and sporting different hairstyles. The campaign includes photos of her posing alongside herself and beside a mannequin. Get more interesting news from dailypopmix.com.

Posing with the bald head

Some photos from the campaign depict Bella with a bald head, in contrast to her typically lengthy dark hair. She appears to be nude in one photo, modelling a silver earpiece. In another photo, Bella is seen wearing an armour-like ensemble with a silver breastplate and other metal-like pieces. 

The look is complemented by a pair of black platform heels from the new collection. Bella is depicted in the same photograph, showcasing a different appearance. She is adorned in her signature hairstyle, wearing a perforated pink top and a denim skirt for the first look. The second ensemble is complemented with a handbag and platform heels.

Donning a metallic headpiece

Donning a metallic headpiece
(Donning a metallic headpiece/ Image Credits:Daily Mail)

Furthermore, Bella models the armour-like attire in another image, which includes supplementary accessories. She is captured wearing a metallic headpiece that encompasses a partially transparent face mask element. Additional photographs exhibit the model posing alongside a mannequin for the clothing line. 

Both Bella and the mannequin exhibit a matching short brown hairstyle while presenting further items from the Heaven collection. The mannequin is attired in a multicoloured t-shirt featuring artwork, the brand's name, and a denim skirt.

Conjunction with another musical group

Conversely, in the same photograph, Bella is styled in a one-shoulder top, a purple jacket, and a white skirt. Bella exhibited a plait in conjunction with another collection ensemble and showcased a pink t-shirt displaying graffiti-inspired artwork. 

She accessorised this look with the striking silver earpiece once more. Several images from the latest campaign, reportedly captured by photographer Carlijn Jacobs, were recently disseminated on social media. These images garnered several compliments on Instagram.