No prizes for guessing the theme song this line is from. It’s the earworm or earworms, the feel-good tune to a show that’s as comforting as a cup of hot chocolate on a chilly evening

And if there’s anyone it really speaks to, it’s Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox. 

“We’ve been through so many things together,” Jennifer says. “The show taught us the importance of camaraderie and really sticking together. And it’s taught me about being there for each other – I know, that’s the song, I’ll be there for you. But it’s true.” 

The pair met on the set of Friends and became besties for life – and this was evident yet again when Jen teared up as she watched Courteney receive her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame recently. 

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Courteney Cox's Friendship with Jennifer Aniston
(Courteney Cox's Friendship with Jennifer Aniston/ImageCredits:E! Online)

To be friends with Courteney is to be family with Courteney,” the 54-year-old star said in an emotional speech. “She’s responsible for all of that. From the beginning of Friends, she was immediately inclusive, warm, loving, interested in everything about you.” 

Things have changed a lot since their Rachel and Monica days. Hearts have been broken, fortunes have been made, a child has been born and grown up, dreams have been dashed – but their friendship is as enduring and endearing as that twinkling tune that kicked off a sitcom sensation. 

When they started out on Friends in 1994 there was an instant connection. 

“We fell in love with each other and wanted to hang out,” Jennifer says.   

They ate lunch together every day during the show’s 10-year run, even adopting each other’s eating habits. Courteney says she and Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe, started eating what they called “the Jennifer” – a cobb salad with turkey bacon and garbanzo beans. 

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Courteney Cox's Friendship with Jennifer Aniston
(Courteney Cox's Friendship with Jennifer Aniston/ImageCredits:Yahoo News

“Friends made us inseparable,” Courteney says. “We just have fun, we laugh and it’s great.” 

One of the most common questions the Friends' cast used to get asked all the time in interviews was if they were really friends. Aniston and Cox always answered that they were, citing that they ate lunch every single day together on set.

They had so many lunches together that they began adopting each other's eating habits. According to E! News, "Cox revealed that she and Kudrow started eating the 'Jennifer' salad'—a Cobb but with turkey bacon and the addition of garbanzo beans—for lunch every day."

Jennifer Aniston has been married twice so far in her life, both to high-profile Hollywood actors. Her first wedding was in 2000 to Brad Pitt, and her second nuptials occurred in 2015 where she married Justin Theroux. Both times, Aniston's real-life Monica was in attendance.

Aniston played Cox's character's therapist, Glenn, in her one-episode arc. Glenn and Jules quickly formed a close bond, which bothered Jules' 'Rachel' of the show, Ellie (Christa Miller). Ultimately, Aniston's character was a little too invasive and overbearing as a therapist and a friend so she and Jules parted ways, but it made for a hilarious, heartwarming episode nevertheless.

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Courteney Cox's Friendship with Jennifer Aniston
(Courteney Cox's Friendship with Jennifer Aniston/ImageCredits: Us Weekly)

In their Friends days, Jen and Court took their friendship away from the cameras too and they still hang out. A lot. 

Over the years they’ve shown up at Hollywood shindigs together or have been spotted on a girls’ night out on the town. They also enjoy many a lazy Sunday lunch at each other’s luxury pads in Los Angeles. 

But the ultimate sign of their tight bond is that they often go on holiday together, usually to their favourite destination - Cabo San Lucas, the playground of the rich and famous on the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico. 

Much like Monica and Rachel, who were there for each other through countless break-ups, the two have been each other’s rock when their marriages fell apart.   When Jen parted ways with Brad Pitt in 2005, it was Courteney who offered her a shoulder to cry on and a spare bed if she needed it.