Kelly Brook's Biggest Fashion Moments
(Kelly Brook's Biggest Fashion Moments / Image Credits:OK Magazine,PressReader)

Kelly Brook is a beautiful actress who is known as a model too, has a beautiful face and of course, we can't miss the body that she flaunts now and then. Although she started off her career in modelling and acting, when she entered her 40s, she became more inclined towards spending her time gardening and travelling. The fans got a surprise lately seeing the 48-year-old actress in magazines and book covers where she was wearing a hot and sizzling top with fitted jeans while on a campaign with F&F and Tesco. It's fair to say that she was a top model during the peak time of her career and won many conferrals for her body and for being a sexy model. However, she hasn't stopped slaying yet. Besides being a model and actress, Kelly Brook has recently showcased some of the trendy yet chic and affordable fashion statements.

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What does the actress have to envision about the psyche and body shape?

What does the actress have to envision about the psyche and body shape?
(What does the actress have to envision about the psyche and body shape? / Image

Kelly believes that even if you have aged and entered your early 40s, you just can't sit back home and cry over it. Step out and flaunt what you have is her recent agenda. She has a lot to say about her love life, her career, her F and F collection, and her recent hobbies which include gardening and travelling.

The designs that she has introduced in her latest collection have to be very chic yet modern. They are styled to be worn during the summer. She further added that the only colour to be played this summer has to be white. The collection has something for everyone. Even if you prefer sleeves or sleeveless, F and F has it for you. The chic summer outfits with colours of the dream make you enjoy a tail of fast fashion introduced by Kelly Brook. The main thing that she focused on while planning these dresses was comfort. Hence these dresses are supposed to be worn during the summer so they have to be comfortable by all means. She further added that if she had to choose one dress from all of those F&F dresses, she might have gone with the Bardot one. She says that the idea to develop such designs was mainly considering the weather haul of the UK which isn't very great. The hot and humid weather hardly gets you to wear something fashionable. Hence her whole motivation was to bring a collection that has its own classic 90's vibe but has to be chic at the same time. It's also supposed to be worn by people of all ages and summer was also kept in mind while planning and designing those. The best part about her new summer collection in collaboration with Tesco is that fashionable dresses cost you an arm and a leg and that's the best part about her collection they are quite pocket-friendly for everyone.

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