Brooke Burke Clarifies Why She Was Tempted With Derek Hough’s Affair At Dwts Season
(Brooke Burke Clarifies Why She Was Tempted With Derek Hough’s Affair At Dwts Season/Image Credits: The Messenger)

Brooke Burke opened up about her victorious moment of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ 2008 in collaboration with Derek Hough underwent from a strained to a ‘magical’ experience. 

A 52-year-old, Burke explained her experience with 38-year-old, Hough over the recent episode of fellow, Cheryl Burke of DWTS Slum at the podcast show ‘Sex, Leis and Spray Tans’. When the couple met, Brooke said to 39-year-old, Cheryl that she just thought of Derek to be so young, safe and green and she’d no idea that he would be such a badass and powerful choreographer. 

During the duration of the season, in great part due to the round of ‘valuable’ duos therapy organized by creators when the partners were not forming, Brooke confesses that she winded up crushing on Derek. See the full preview at and explore more!

At the time, the broadcaster had tied the knot to an actor, David Charvet from whom she finally got separated in 2018, though she said to Cheryl that she hoped that we could have a love affair. 

Brooke Recapped That She Had An Affair With Derek

Brooke Recapped That She Had An Affair With Derek
(Brooke Recapped That She Had An Affair With Derek/Image Credits: SI Swimsuit - Sports Illustrated)

Brooke confessed, "I don't recall ever saying that," while Cheryl disclosed that, during that period, Hough was privately expressing admiration for his partner's attractiveness, describing her as "incredibly attractive."

"I was seriously tempted to have an affair with him," Brooke emphasized, elaborating, "Let me explain why: When you're not a dancer, being intimately connected with someone's body is a unique experience. I've never felt so bonded, apart from with a lover or a husband, as I did with Derek. It happens every single day. For three months, you're wrapped in someone's arms. Ever wondered why people fall in love?’

It can be more intimate than making love in a bedroom — you're making love on a dance floor, where the connection is profound. You feel deeply intertwined. When you're dancing, you're not just moving your bodies, you're sharing energy, you're synchronizing with the rhythm. 

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Hough Solidifies His Sizzling On-Screen Relation With Brake

Hough Solidifies His Sizzling On-Screen Relation With Brake
(Hough Solidifies His Sizzling On-Screen Relation With Brake/Image Credits: Healthline)

Before Hough, who is now happily married to former DWTS pro Hayley Erbert, recognized their thrilling chemistry with Brooke on screen, the pair faced significant challenges in harmonizing their steps as dance partners.

Witnessing the tension, even her then-husband urged her to bridge the gap, "David said, 'You should talk to Derek, break out of this rut, connect before the performance.' We were entirely out of sync. We were in our individual spheres, despite being partners, a team. But we weren't acting like teammates." 

Amid the "problems off-camera and during rehearsals," she clarified that Hough, who was only 23 at the time, "was drained; he was working on recording an album at night. I had a 3-month-old baby. I was worn out, awake all night, training all day and my body was completely drained. Plus, I was dealing with hormonal changes."

Hough finally seized the competition six times before becoming a judge in 2020 apart from Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli and the late Head Judge, Len Goodman who passed away in April. Derek’s sister, Julianne is recently co-hosting season 32 with Alfonso Ribeiro while airing the show ‘Dancing with the Stars every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on Disney+ and ABC.

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