Upgrade Your Beauty: 10 Chloe Moretz's Top Beauty Secrets
(Upgrade Your Beauty: 10 Chloe Moretz's Top Beauty Secrets/Image Credits:Teen Vogue)

Chloë Grace Moretz has been on our screens for more than a decade now and she has been able to maintain her baby face beauty over the years. Speaking about her beauty secrets with allure magazine Chloe stated. "I don't do anything crazy yet, because I'm pretty young," but she gave some tinside scoop on her skin-care habit, and the workout that keeps her fit.

Here are some tips dropped by the blonde beauty.

1. Keeping your eyebrows natural

Upgrade Your Beauty: 10 Chloe Moretz's Top Beauty Secrets
(Keeping your eyebrows natural/Image Credits:NME)

According to Chloe she loves to keep her eyebrows natural as they enhance her beauty. This does not mean she doesn’t use a bit of shapener, but she avoids pulling them out or letting others pluck them out.

2. Always wash your face

Upgrade Your Beauty: 10 Chloe Moretz's Top Beauty Secrets
(Always wash your face/Image Credits:Vogue)

Speaking on allure, Chloe stated the beauty advice she's gotten from her mother: "No matter where you are and no matter what you're doing and no matter how late it is, always wash your face. I live by that."This may seem simple, but try it out and you’ll be surprised how healthy your skin will look.

3. Do a bit of workout

Upgrade Your Beauty: 10 Chloe Moretz's Top Beauty Secrets
(Do a bit of workout/Image Credits:Pinterest, The Cut)

Workouts keeps you fit and healthy ultimately giving you a beauty money cannot buy. According to Chloe, her favourite workout is  SoulCycle. Speaking how important workout is she stated: “Working out is like therapy to me. I have to work out at least four times a week, otherwise I'm not a happy person. I just love the music, and the instructors are really cool. It's like a self-help class. I've cried in class before. It's a really special experience." Following her release with Allure, Chloe in a recent collaboration with Vogue magazine, did a video going more in-depth on her skincare routine and some added tips she dropped include;

4. Use Olive Oil

Upgrade Your Beauty: 10 Chloe Moretz's Top Beauty Secrets
(Use Olive Oil/Image Credits:www.self.com)

In the video, Chloë spoke about the importance of olive oil on the skin and how she loves using olive oil to start off her beauty routine. The actress mentioned she used to have “really bad” cystic acne, and she decided to go the natural route and integrate olive oil into her skincare routine and this has worked miracles for her skin. According to her,  ever since she began using olive oil, her cystic acne cleared up within months. In the video, when demonstrating how she uses the product, she appears to put some olive oil onto her hands and massage it into her skin. She then takes a biodegradable face towel and wipes her face clean.

5. Use a Cleanser

Upgrade Your Beauty: 10 Chloe Moretz's Top Beauty Secrets
(Use a Cleanser/Image Credits:HOLR Magazine)

After cleaning her face from the olive oil, Chloe went futher to use a Japanese rice brand cleanser that cleans the pores on your face from hidden particles.

6. SKII’s Miracle Water

Upgrade Your Beauty: 10 Chloe Moretz's Top Beauty Secrets
(SKII’s Miracle Water/Image Credits:HOLR Magazine)

After the cleanser, the miracle water comes next. In the video, Chloë takes SKII’s Miracle Water and pats it all over her face as an essence. Since her skin is on the drier side after using Accutane growing up, Chloë loves to keep her skin hydrated at all times. This is a great tip to keep in mind during cooler months when most of us experience dry skin.

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7. Face training

Upgrade Your Beauty: 10 Chloe Moretz's Top Beauty Secrets
(Face training/Image Credits:HOLR Magazine)

Next tip given by Chloe is the importance of face training, Chloë chats about the benefits of face training as she uses a face roller to massage her skin. According to the blonde actress, as soon as she incorporated this step into her routine, it helped with lymphatic drainage. You can also use the face roller on your neck too.

8. Use an Eye Cream

Upgrade Your Beauty: 10 Chloe Moretz's Top Beauty Secrets
(Use an Eye Cream/Image Credits:SoraNews24)

Eye cream is a very important product that should be a must-add to your everyday skin care routine. In the video Chloe makes use of a Youth To The People eye cream which helps target fine lines and wrinkles, and features ingredients such as Gogi Stem Cells which help support skin renewal. 

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9. Don’t forget to moisturize

From the video, Chloë’s magic rule is to moisturize! She loves following up her serums and oils with moisturizer- two to be exact. The more hydrated your skin is, the lesser chance of breakage, so do well to add a moisturizer to your skin care routine.

10. Sunscreen

The last and one of the most important skin care tip according to Chloe is to use a sunscreen. This is a super important tip to remember because sun damage is no joke. It is important to protect your skin from the direct rays of the sun to ensure it looks and feels radiant and healthy at all times.