Brooke Hogan's Favorite Places To Travel To In The World
(Brooke Hogan's Favorite Places To Travel To In The World/Image Credits:Suburban Men)

Brook Hogan is the daughter of famous WWE star Hulk Hogan, who skyrocketed to fame when she and her famous wrestler father, starred in the hit reality TV show, Hogan Knows Best.The show which had its premiere in 2005, ran for just two seasons before it was cancelled due to internal family crisis. Following the close of the show, Brook, has found her own path out side her fathers fame. In 2008, she ran her own reality TV show Brooks knows best which lasted for just two seasons.Currently, Brooks works as a model and influencer. Her career hit the roof after she starred on Australia’s Next Top Model. Her modelling career has seen her work both locally and internationally since, with brands including Myer, ASOS and Lorna Jane. Over the years, one message Brooks have kept constant is her love for travelling. Here are some favourite places in the world that Brook Hogan loves to travel to.

Melbourne, Australia 

The first place Brooks Hogan loves travelling to is her hometown Sorrento in Melbourne Australia. Speaking in an interview with Nude By Nature(NBN) Brooks spoke about her love for her home town and how it would be the first place she recommends to her friends. “I love travelling, but everyone who knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE home and in particular, the Mornington Peninsula. If you are visiting Melbourne I would recommend a visit down the coast to Sorrento. My boyfriend and I are currently building our house down there. It is the most gorgeous little seaside town with, lovely beaches, delicious food, great coffee, good shopping, walks, massages and it’s only an hour and a bit out of the city. Make sure you come visit Hotel Sorrento for some food and drinks - maybe we’ll bump into each other”

About Sorrento Victoria

About Sorrento Victoria
(About Sorrento Victoria/Image Credits:Cageside Seats)

Sorrento is a coastal town on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 61 km (38 mi) south-west of Melbourne's Central Business District, located within the Shire of Mornington Peninsula local government area. Speaking on the best place she would want to base with Realestate News, Brooks stated; “Sorrento. I’m a home girl. I look forward to coming home when I’m on holiday as much as I look forward to going in the first place. I honestly wouldn’t change where I live.”

Brooks loves Mexico

The second location on our list is Mexico. Being a top model Brooks has travelled all over the world for shoots and runways. In the same interview with Realestates, Brooks mentioned that on one of her trips to Tulum in Mexico, she accidentally bought a crime thriller called The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides, and since then she has kept it on her bedside table for memories.

London: The heart of Great Britain

London: The heart of Great Britain
(London: The heart of Great Britain/Image Credits:FreeImages)

Brooks have also stated she loves going to London and have even been based there twice as the city was one of the easiest place to work from.In the interview she stated “My passports contain so many memories for me. I have been based in London twice and, as it’s so easy to travel from there, worked all over Europe and further afield.”

Maldives and the Amalfi Coast

Like every other celebrity, Brooks enjoys a bit of sunshine and fresh air and stated on the interview with NBN that one of her favourites places to travel to is the Maldives and the Amalfi coast, in particular Capri and Positano. According to the model, she first traveled to Maldives for work and Capri for a holiday with her boyfriend and since then she looks for ways just to return to the beautiful place once she has the time.