Breaking Bad To Better Call Saul: Bryan Cranston's TV Success
(Breaking Bad To Better Call Saul: Bryan Cranston's TV Success /Image Credits: Hipertextual)

You can’t be a film lover if you’ve never watched or heard of breaking bad. Since it’s release in 2008-2013, the series was the talk of the town.Now even after a decade of Breaking Bad coming to an end, fans still swear by Walter White, and we have Bryan Cranston to thank for it. His excellent performance as Walter a dying middle-aged chemist turned high-school teacher turned meth kingpin is still one of his most iconic and breakthrough role, landing him several awards and world wide fame.The breaking bad movie was created by Vince Gilligan, and originally aired on AMC in 2008. The movie showed the descent of Bryan Cranston's character, Walter who after receiving a terminal lung cancer diagnosis begins to do bad and ultimately becomes a dangerous drug lord in New Mexico, causing harm to those around him while gaining power and notoriety. Following the success of the movie, Bryan Cranston made Emmy history when he became the first actor from a cable series to receive three consecutive lead actor in a drama trophies for his work playing Walter White on the AMC series.

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His success did not just stop at awards. His character continued to make guest appearances in the Bad universe — 2019’s El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie and also Better Call Saul a prequel to breaking bad.Alongside Aaron Paul, Bryan appeared in the final season of Better Call Saul, as that was when the Bob Odenkirk-led prequel finally caught up to the events in Bad.His appearance in Better Call Saul recreated moments from Bad, adding some much needed details viewers needed to know about the dark underground world.Speaking on his appearance in Better Call Saul in an interview with Variety, Bryan Cranston spoke about how getting back on the set made him feel.There were two scenes that we shot. The first one was in the RV with [Odenkirk], so we had to research the Breaking Bad episode that that would have taken place in and what were the circumstances leading up to that. But as far as the characters? Once Aaron and I put on those clothes, we looked at each other and smiled, and we went, We’re back.

Breaking Bad To Better Call Saul: Bryan Cranston's TV Success
(Breaking Bad To Better Call Saul: Bryan Cranston's TV Success /Image Credits: Yahoo Canada Style)

He also clarified that there was huge difference between Saul goodman’s character in Better call Saul, and that of Walter white saying; I believe that Walter was born a good man. Had he not been given the cancer diagnosis, he wouldn’t have gone into this illegal business. Whereas Saul Goodman was kind of born this way. I think it highlighted, for fans, the difference between the two main characters of their independent shows.When asked if he was okay knowing that this role defined career, Bryan was happy to supply that he felt nothing but pride and good fortune that he was able to star in a movie that meant so much to people.Now even after Breaking Bad AMC series has ended, life has not stopped for Cranston and the talented actor has been expanding his horizons and exploring challenging and experimental roles, and doing them successfully.

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