Kristen Jhonston's Comedic Moments: The Stories From Behind The Scenes
(Kristen Jhonston’s Comedic Moments: The Stories From Behind The Scenes  / Image Credits:People)

Kristen Angela Johnston is an American actress, she was born on September 20, 1967. Kristen earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in drama at New York University. She is widely known for her work on TV sitcoms. For her role as Sally Solomon in Third Rock From The Sun the comedy series, she won twice the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress. She starred in The Exes as a divorce attorney Holly Franklin and Tammy Diffenorf as a recovering detective in Mom. the films in which Kristen Johnston appeared are:

  • Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) 
  • The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000)
  • Ice Age (2002) 
  • Music and Lyrics (2007)
  • Bride Wars (2009)

New York's Atlantic Theater Company, founded by playwright David Mamet, made her professional stage debut and appeared in several productions;  As You Like It and Stage Door.

Third Rock From The Sun

Third Rock From The Sun
(Third Rock From The Sun  / Image Credits:AmoMama)

Sally Solomon in the TV series Third Rock from The Sun was her breakthrough role.  Inhibiting a human body she was playing an extraterrestrial creature. Her facial expressions and movements brought success to the show. 

A Closer Look To Sally Solomon's Quirky Wardrobe

The standout aspect of her role as Sally Solomon was the outlandish wardrobe, and this was the signature element of the show. Behind the scenes of this TV series, Kristen collaborated with the costume department creating ensembles that remain iconic and set new standards for extraterrestrials in the history of TV fashion.

The Women

The Women
(The Women  / Image Credits:The New York Times)

Transition to the Broadway stage revealed her versatility. In the revival of The Women her role as Sylvia Fowler earned praise and received appreciative reviews. Her presence and impeccable timing solidified her status on both TV and the stage.


Kristen played the role of DI Georgina Dixon in the British series Vexed. She was a nonsense detective with unconventional methods. Her sharp tongue and witty nature added a layer of unpredictability to her role as a detective. 

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Besides her onscreen artful work, Johnston opened up about her struggle in her memoir, Guts. She revealed about her addiction and her journey towards sobriety. It provides the story of her life and also sets an example for others who are facing the same battle. 

Mom ( Return to Small Screen)

Mom ( Return to Small Screen)
(Mom ( Return to Small Screen)  / Image Credits:TV Fanatic)

Kristen joined Mom in its third season and she played the character of Tammy Diffenorf who is lovable and quirky. The main feature of the character is her offbeat sense of humor, which filled a new life to the show. She earned accolades from fans and critics alike for this role. 

Beyond comedy Kristen Jhoston's Effect

Despite her successful comedic career, she has been an active advocate for mental health awareness and recovery. She took advantage of her platform offered support to those in need and broke down the stigmas.

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