From Heartbreaks To Hidden Talents, Calton Hynes Shocking Confession
(From Heartbreaks To Hidden Talents, Calton Hynes Shocking Confession /Image Credits: Out Magazine)

Calton Hynes was born in Andale, Kansas. He began his career when he was 15. And started appearing in modelling campaigns. He consequently appeared in photoshoots. At the age of 14, he also came out as a role of gay. Where he experienced his bullying due to sexuality. Due to his mother's negative reaction, he ran away from the house for a time.During his teen years, his father died by attempting suicide. Hynes was told that because of being gay his father killed himself. He studied at Navarre High School and graduated from Samuel High School. After this, he started to continue his career in modelling.

Calton Hynes has struggled with anxiety in his journey. However, after years of public speculation regarding the secret gay past, he is still receiving negative comments on appearing in gay magazines. He was being told to appear in media outlets to speak about his sexual orientation, but he is not yet comfortable talking about this.This led Hynes to take treatment for 3 months for his anxiety. In 2016, he appeared in an interview to come out as gay. The team entertainment told him to be open about his experience with sexual orientation. However, he discusses everything regarding his career.

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In 2017, out of all this part, he decided to get engaged to a popular actress jeff Florida. Hence, in the same year, they tied the knot. Unfortunately, in 2018, they both filed for divorce from each other. However, in August 2019, they reached for a divorce settlement. In 2019, he talked about his addiction to drugs and alcohol. However, it has been 10 years that he has not drunk. When he started, it was glasses of wine that led him to very dark times. He also went through a treatment to address the substance use last month.

From Heartbreaks To Hidden Talents, Calton Hynes Shocking Confession
(From Heartbreaks To Hidden Talents, Calton Hynes Shocking Confession /Image Credits: People)

Calton Hynes appeared in several blockbuster transformations. He also starred in guest roles where he acted in a music video which was directed by Marc Webb. In 2008, he appeared in a television series which made her career more successful. By appearing in many television roles. Hence, he decided to continue his career in modelling.In 2017, he was also nominated to the magazine OUT100 for his outstanding performances in professional work. 

Calton Haynes did a regular series for MTV drama serials in teen wolf and he did two seasons for this series. But now he was not cast in the role of Jackson anymore. The head of MTV did not want to hire him because of the photo shoot in a gay theme magazine which he did in his teenage before this show.Thus, he has gone through depression and anxiety right after he did a photoshoot for a gay theme magazine. This is how he struggled in all of his professional career by being rejected for work.

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