Relationship Revealed! Cher Cozies Opened Up About Her Boyfriend Alexander AE Edwards!
(Relationship Revealed! Cher Cozies Opened Up About Her Boyfriend Alexander AE Edwards! /Image Credits: People)

During Paris Fashion Week, Cher and her boyfriend Alexander AE Edwards were seen cuddling up in the front row at the Balmain presentation. The two met at the same event last year when 77-year-old Grammy-winning singer Cher performed. Music industry executive Alexander Edwards is 36 years old. With her daughter-in-law, Cher is presently embroiled in a contentious legal dispute.

Stylish beginnings of Cher and Alexander!

Cher and her beau Alexander AE Edwards are going back to their fashionable roots. The Grammy-winning legend, 77, and the music businessman, 36, sat front row at the Balmain presentation on Wednesday during Paris Fashion Week, where they first met last year.The Believe actress covered a black shirt and pair of pants with a long velvet white jacket decorated with black embroidery. She gave her trademark long, jet-black hair a delicate waved styling. Edwards chose a black suit with a white button-down and black sunglasses to match his date's outfit.

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Fabulous journey for the couple!

The music business couple made news after they started dating in the fall of 2022 when they were photographed holding hands. A few days later, Cher addressed the 40-year age difference between herself and Edwards.In a recently removed post on X, Cher stated, LOVE DOESN'T KNOW MATH, IT SEES, as seen by The Shade Room. Cher raved about her boyfriend on The Kelly Clarkson Show in December. It seems crazy on paper, she remarked. He's amazing. And I don't bestow onto folks traits they don't merit.

A source told in February that despite Edwards giving Cher a diamond ring for Christmas last year, They're not talking marriage or anything like that, but they are exclusive and serious. The insider said, They are very much in love, mentioning how at a pre-Grammys party they held hands all night and were very lovey-dovey and kissing often. At the Versace fashion show in Los Angeles in March, the pair made their red carpet-debut. While posing for pictures, they even packed on some PDA with a scorching kiss on the carpet.

Next step in a relationship!

As Cher revealed to News in March, they have even advanced their relationship by writing new songs together. She told the publication, I'm heading to England to record two albums. I'm happy about it because Alexander sent me a few of his tunes. I'm glad that he does everything since he is a producer and a writer.According to court records that were just discovered and filed in late 2022, the singer allegedly paid four men to abduct her son Elijah Blue Allman. As a result of their continuing divorce procedures, court filings that were filed on December 5, 2022, by Allman's wife Marie King and acquired by are now receiving attention.

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Spending alone time together!

Relationship Revealed! Cher Cozies Opened Up About Her Boyfriend Alexander AE Edwards!
(Spending alone time together! /Image Credits: Yahoo News New Zealand)

King, 36, claims that on November 30, 2022, Cher hired four men to take her son, 47, from their hotel room in New York because they were attempting to reconcile their marriage after spending 12 days alone together" and she was worried for her son's safety.

The records show that King, also known as Queenie, also said that one of the four men who took [Allman] informed her that the famous musician hired them. The request for a response was not immediately answered by a Cher spokesperson.On July 10, 1976, Cher gave birth to Allman, her second and youngest son, alongside the late Greg Allman of The Allman Brothers Band. The rock sensation and Oscar winner were married in 1975 and got divorced in 1979.

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