Kim Kardashian's Amazing TopTips for Building a Successful Business
(Kim Kardashian's Amazing TopTips for Building a Successful Business/Image Credits: USA Today)

Kim Kardashian is an entrepreneur. She was born in October 1980. Being an American actress she has done several films in her acting career. Through her talent and success, she won the hearts of people. Although, she received multiple awards for the best actor performance.

No doubt, she has developed a significant presence worldwide through social media platforms. She has millions of followers on Instagram and on Twitter as well. In 2006, she began her career in acting as a stylist. Moreover, she appeared in several episodes of Simple Life where she did a fantastic performance.

Along with this, she was photographed at events and parties. He was working with ‘’Hilton’’ and said to him, gave me my career and she totally acknowledged that.  She put so much effort into creating her brand and she is ready to do whatever it takes. 

Let’s discuss her struggles and efforts in creating a brand,

How She Made Her Business So Successful

How She Made Her Business So Successful
(How she made her business so successful/Image Credits:eBay)

In 2011, she released her fragrance and her novel ‘’dollhouse’’ as well. Along with her sisters, she released a novel.  However, in the same year, she also released her fourth fragrance which was a true reflection.  Hence, to promote these fragrances she worked with a company to make her business successful. Then after some time, she released her fifth fragrance ‘’glam’’. 

In 2015, she released a portfolio book that was ‘’selfish’’. However, it received positive reviews from critics. In that year, she was also the cover model for her August issue of Vogue Spain. Hence, released an emoji pack named Kimoji. Moreover, the app became one of the toppers and bought apps in the first week when it was released.

Kim Kardashian's Amazing TopTips for Building a Successful Business
(Kim Kardashian's Amazing TopTips for Building a Successful Business//Image Credits: E! Online)

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In 2017, along with her sisters, she launched her fashion boutique in California. As well as her beauty fragrances KKW Beauty and KKW fragrance. Hence, everyone likes her products. She has also featured several bloggers to win so she gave them the opportunity to collaborate with her on the makeup line KKW Beauty. They had to complete the task for the ‘’glam master’’. The one who wins joined her as a glam squad. 

In 2019, she appeared in a music video. Hence, after some time she was heavily criticised over the name of her brand. However, she ignored what people were saying and did what she liked.  In 2020, she made a partnership with a luxury store chain. Through this, the company has also expanded its clothing like loungewear, dresses, and winter wear.

Do you know her net worth? Are you really curious about it? Let’s discuss this;

In 2014, Kim Kardashian was estimated to have been US$ 45 million. However, her effortless success and hard work led her to $53 million from this. And then $600 million next year. 

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Kim Kardashian's Tips To Expand Your Business

Kim Kardashian's Tips To Expand Your Business
(Kim Kardashian's Tips to Expand Your Business/Image Credits: Teen Vogue)

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Kim Kardashian is one of the most successful businesswomen in Hollywood. She gave some tips to make your business successful. 

To work hard, firstly be in a good environment where everyone is at work. Surround yourself with those people who want to work. Have a good environment because you only have one life. However, with fame and success you get a lot of hate, but to ignore that is the main part of the process. Do whatever makes you happy.

Focus on the positivity and ignore negativity. Kim’s accomplishments in prison have boosted her confidence.

Thus, that’s how she manages to build an empire for herself. Undoubtedly, with her hard work and efforts, one day she will become the most successful person.