Brooke Hogan Overview

Brooke Hogan Overview
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Brooke Hogan was a daughter of the famous wrestler, named Hulk Hogan, and was an American reality television star, singer, actress, and professional wrestler. She gained immense popularity for her television series, titled Hogan Knows Best, which starred herself and her family and showed her struggles and family life. She was also popular for her first studio album, named Undiscovered, that was released in 2006. Not only that, Following family problems, the series Hogan Knows Best had to be discontinued but this led to the new series, titled Brooke Knows Best, and was also a great commercial success. Currently, she is working on her new EP consisting of country music.

Personal Life

Right from an early age, Brooke Hogan was inclined towards music and dance. While she was in high school, she went for dance classes and piano lessons. She also learnt gymnastics. She was part of the cheerleading squad of the Cleanwater Central Catholic High School, where she studied only for the first half of the freshman year. Caused by her ambition and energy, she explored various fields to display her talent and skills. She has also appeared in several low-budget movies and television shows. In 2006, she was in a relationship with black rapper Yannique Barker, but the relationship ended because Hulk Hogan made a racist remark against him. Later, in 2013, she revealed that she was engaged to Phil Costa, a former American football center, but the engagement was called off in November 2013.

Kept Her Body Healthy

Kept Her Body Healthy
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Brooke Hogan was the stunning Australian model who lit up the screen as a 19-year-old during season eight of Australia's Next Top Model. And now, she could not be more in-demand, with bookings that see her jetting off for photoshoots for a swathe of international fashion labels. Although her hectic life sees her juggling bookings, ambassadorial roles and Instagram stardom, she stands firm on the matter of exercise as a top priority. According to Woman’s Health, she said that for her job, she needs to focus on being active to keep in shape, but she uses workouts more for her mind.

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Her Best Workouts

Brooke Hogan, who hails from Frankston, Victoria, explained how she has always loved sports and fitness, and how workouts helps her maintain her svelte figure, it was also a way for her to stay calm and focused. When she was at home in Australia, she worked out five days a week for anywhere between 30 - 50 minutes. According to the publication, she said that she will go for a run, or jump on a treadmill, or go outside, and always find if her body's moving then her mind's moving, and she just always feels so much better. This will be a mixture of high-intensity workouts along with pilates, a form of exercise she loves for keeping her body lean and toned.

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When Brooke Hogan finds herself on the road traveling to foreign destinations for exciting shoots, she maintains exercise was still a must. And although time can be short, she said a 10-minute workout in her hotel room to get her body moving makes all the difference. This workout can involve a two-minute plank, a couple of pushes and some stretches. To make this easier, she said that she will pack a skipping rope as well as booty bands which were super light.