What’s the Net Worth of Chris Gardner? His Biography Explained
(What’s the Net Worth of Chris Gardner? His Biography Explained / Image Credits: NinjaJournalist)

Once, Chris Gardner was sleeping with his son on the floor of a public toilet due to lack of money, and he never thought that his life story would turn out to be a hit Hollywood movie.This is how miracles happen after a lot of struggles and hard work.

Are you curious about his net worth? And thinking about how this homeless man becomes a multi-millionaire man. That’s the thing that grabs your attention. Back in the 1980s, in San Fransisco, Chris Gardner and his toddler son were homeless for about a year.

He was earning a little so low that he didn’t have sufficient money to raise the deposit to rent an apartment. 

In addition, he and his son ate in soup kitchens due to having little amount of money which he wholly spent on putting his son in day n urdery so he could go to work. 

After facing adversity, he finally started to thrive in his job and became an employee of Dean Witter Reynolds. Since then he has been able to get a home for himself and his son. Moreover, in 1987, he opened his own investment firm, Gardner Rich.

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Let’s have a look at Mr Gardner's Net Worth

What’s the Net Worth of Chris Gardner? His Biography Explained
(Let’s have a look at Mr Gardner's Net Worth / Image Credits: atty360)

Despite facing the worst time and dealing with it with courage is what makes us appreciate him first. No doubt, we have discussed above how he has spent his life and made every possible effort to make his son’s life pleasant in every way.

Before moving on to the main point which is his net worth, you need to first know a little bit about his mother too. 

Thus, Bettye Jeane, his mother, has always been an inspirational role model for him. Despite the woes of his childhood, Mr Gardner still says that his mum was an inspiration for him

Once he remembered that there was a basketball game on TV that he was watching with his mother and he said that one of the players was making a million dollars so then his mother replied, Dear one day you are also gonna be earning million dollars. Hence, he didn’t even dream at that time.

The total estimated amount that he is accumulating from his company Garner Rich and CO is to be worth $60 million. On the other hand, he also earns from the sales of his book, “The Pursuit of Happyness” which he wrote while roaming aimlessly on footpaths and having nothing to do. 

Thus, he is a true inspiration for those who dreamt of getting better lives and trust the power of their hard work, struggles, devotion, and fate. As a motivational speaker, he says that young individuals must believe in themselves and never lose hope.

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