An Amazing Jesse Metcalfe's Guide To The Best Hiking Trails In America
(An Amazing Jesse Metcalfe's Guide To The Best Hiking Trails In America / Image Credits: CT Insider)

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Jesse Metcalfe's Best Guide to Hiking Trail in America

Have you ever wondered about the best hiking trails in America? Let's discuss the best hiking trails in America you must visit. Jesse Metcalfe guides us about the best hiking trails in America. Let' have a look. Grab your boots and hit the trail in some of the world's most beautiful landscapes.

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Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park
(Glacier National Park/ Image Credits: Classic Journeys)

Glacier Park is the best place for hiking in America. However, it offers more than 700 miles of hiking trails that crisscross the northern Montana park's roughly 1 million acres of wilderness.

Although, it offers stunning scenery and views of the lake. This is home to towering mountain peaks and miles of hiking trails that allow visitors to get closer to hundreds of wildlife species.

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Zion National Park

Zion National Park
(Zion National Park/ Image Credits: Philippines)

Zion National Park covers more than 229 square miles and is home to hundreds of hiking trails. Sandstone cliffs with varying shades of red tower over visitors in Zion National Park. However, it is the best place for hiking. Moreover, in Zion National Park, there are more famous trails such as Angel Landing. It is one of the most popular.

Along with this, canyon overlooks and Emerald pool trails are one of the most popular trails. However, Canyon Overlook is a great alternative. It is just 1 mile long and rated easy to moderate. Whereas, the Emerald Pool is located in Lower Zion Park. This is rough but a flat hike. You must try these hiking trails.

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Siyeh Pass

Siyeh Pass
(Siyeh Pass/ Image Credits: Cheryl Hill)

Siyeh Pass is a mountain located at St. Mary Valley in Montana. It can also be accessed from the Sunrift Gorge pull-out making it a fantastic alternative to the highline trail. You must take a look at these.

Along with this, it is located 2.2 miles east of Logan. It is a 14km long hike. You will definitely have a wonderful experience once you try it.

Thus, this was all about Jesse Metcalfe's journey and his guide to the best hiking trails in America. So, you must experience these hiking trails.