Her Perspective 

Her Perspective 
Her Perspective (Image Credits: the-sun.com)

In an interview with Alternative Press magazine to promote her latest album Holy Fvck Lovato discussed her perspective on the documentaries she has released throughout her career focusing on her journey towards sobriety. She mentioned that some of these documentaries were filmed during times when she was not sober.

After the release of Stay Strong in 2012 Simply Complicated in 2017 and Dancing with the Devil in 2021. Which accompanied Lovato's albums Unbroken Tell Me You Love Me and Dancing with the Devil... The Art of Starting Lovato expressed that she does not have plans to create another documentary anytime soon.

"I'm honestly tired of watching myself. I think others might feel the way " Lovato shared in the cover story. "If they still want content from me they can watch my music videos."

Self Help Affirmation 

Self Help Affirmation 
Self Help Affirmation  (Image Credits: theguardian.com)

The singer-songwriter, who has sought treatment for substance abuse, eating disorders, and mental health issues over the years has evolved her approach to sobriety as time has passed.

In the documentary "Dancing with the Devil " Lovato shared their experience of trying to live a "California lifestyle" from March 2021 until December of that year when they returned to a treatment center.

Reflecting on their journey Lovato expressed a wish to have waited until they had an understanding of themselves before committing to this path. They emphasized that sobriety is what truly works for them and nothing.

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Explore Demi Lovato Journey To Sobriety
"Explore Demi Lovato Journey To Sobriety" (Image Credits: usatoday.com)

Lovato may not currently have any interest in making another documentary. They still want to share their journey with the world through mediums. They are considering options like interviews. Writing an autobiography. "I still have more to say so when I eventually write a book I want it to reflect who I am as a grown-up

If Lovato were to publish a memoir-style book it would be their published work after Staying Strong; 365 Days a Year from 2013 which was a collection of self-help affirmations.

In another part of the Alternative Press interview, she discussed how she no longer resonates with Dancing with the Devil... The Art of Starting Over due to her "California lifestyle during that time. This lifestyle influenced the elements in the music production.

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Recovery From Darkest Moments 

Recovery From Darkest Moments 
"Recovery From Darkest Moments  (Image Credits: pagesix.com)

"I'm proud of my album but it didn't feel true to myself " expressed the Disney Channel star. "I wanted to release music that would bring me joy on tour. I can't say that about my record."

They also mentioned being under the influence of marijuana throughout most of their time working on it and not being fully focused. In contrast, Holy Fvck was created with performances in mind.

"I was aiming to do things that truly resonated with my state and the music I'm currently drawn to... I find myself in a phase of life. I desire my music to mirror that."

"I've come to realize that closing a door on aspects only intensifies my curiosity to explore them further."

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Explore Demi Lovato Journey To Sobriety
"Explore Demi Lovato Journey To Sobriety" (Image Credits: people.com)

"Everything had to unfold in a way for me to gain the lessons I have learned. It was a journey and when I reflect on it it can sometimes bring sadness as I recall the pain I had to endure to overcome my struggles. However, I don't have any regrets. Today I take pride in the person I have become. It's truly gratifying that people get to witness this transformation through this documentary.

"I wanted to lay bare my story, for my fans and let them know who I truly am and where I stand today. This is the path that brought me here. If sharing it can offer any help or support to others then that was ultimately my purpose behind releasing this documentary."

Explore Demi Lovato Journey To Sobriety
"Explore Demi Lovato Journey To Sobriety"  (Image Credits: popcrush.com)

"Each day is a battle in its own right. Taking things one day at a time is crucial. Some days are smoother than others with moments when thoughts of drinking or using substances fade away. For me personally prioritizing both my mental well-being is paramount.

"I see a therapist twice per week. Ensure that I consistently adhere to my medications. Attending AA meetings forms a part of my routine well. Engaging in activity at the gym is something that holds importance for me—I make sure it remains a priority."They were honored with the Spirit of Sobriety award, at the Brent Shapiro Foundation, for Drug Prevention Summer Spectacular event.

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