Erika Jayne Acknowledges That Engaging In A Conversation About Her Former Partner, Tom Girardi
(Erika Jayne Acknowledges That Engaging In A Conversation About Her Former Partner, Tom Girardi/ImageCredits:Us Weekly)

Erika Jayne, aged 52, shared that her marriage to Tom Girardi, aged 84, is still a subject of conversation on Season 13 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which is set to air on October 25. In a recent interview with US Weekly, the singer revealed that discussing her estranged spouse is painful for her. 

It Seemed To Confirm

It Seemed To Confirm
(It Seemed To Confirm/ImageCredits:Page Six)

She further added that although she has moved on from the past three years, she is unsure if her co-stars on the Bravo series will allow her to do the same. The 52-year-old individual additionally appeared to affirm that her separation from Tom is as yet being handled. 

Erika conveyed her current situation, stating that she still has legal matters that are entangled and will necessitate time to follow the legal procedure. Despite this, she expressed her eagerness to move forward and make progress. Whenever someone inquires about Tom Girardi or a related matter, it becomes apparent that they are reopening a wound in the process of healing, causing further pain." 

Conducted An Interview

Erika expressed her disapproval towards those who persistently inquire about her separation from her 84-year-old partner. She stated that she does not care about the identity of the person asking, as it is evident what she was thinking during that time. 

Erika and Tom have been married since 2000, but she filed for divorce in November 2020. During an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight on October 24, Erika clarified that her focus is not on the divorce proceedings. She emphasized that amidst all the challenges she is currently dealing with, the divorce is of minimal importance. 

Throughout Various Phases Of Their Existence

Throughout Various Phases Of Their Existence
(Throughout Various Phases Of Their Existence/ImageCredits:Reality Blurb)

Erika shared her perspective just one day before the premiere of the show, stating that she rarely contemplates about it. For her, the moment she filed for divorce and legally separated marked the end of that chapter. It is evident that both parties have moved on and are in completely different stages of their lives. 

We Are Embracing A New Chapter

Despite a marriage spanning over two decades, she realized that ultimately, one must focus on their own needs. Currently, Erika is embracing a new chapter in her life and hopes that the remaining members of the RHOBH cast will also move forward. 

She acknowledged that healing is a gradual process and grief manifests in various stages. However, she has made the conscious decision to progress and desires the support of those around her in doing so.

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