The actress and model, aged 34, who is married to professional Golfer Brooks Koepka, was selected as one of the rookies for the 2024 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. This achievement followed a rigorous audition process for the highly sought-after position. 

Sims took to her Instagram account to share the exciting news with her 282,000 followers, expressing her overwhelming joy. In her Instagram post, Sims expressed her gratitude to her supporters, acknowledging the votes, support, reshares, and even the criticism she received. She emphasized that every interaction played a significant role in her success. 

The Swimsuit Changed Her life

The Swimsuit Changed Her life
(The Swimsuit Changed Her life/Image Credits:

Sims also expressed her immense honor to be chosen as one of the first rookies for the 60th-anniversary issue of @si_swimsuit, alongside other winners of the Swim Search competition. In the video, Sims shared how a swimsuit changed her life, similar to how a pair of heels changed Cinderella's life. 

The footage showcased the model trying on various swimsuits before finally donning her official "ROOKIE" one-piece for the SI swimsuit announcement. Twelve finalists are chosen by the casting crew from a vast number of submissions from aspiring models to proceed to the next round. 

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The Individuals In The Activity

The Individuals In The Activity
(The Individuals In The Activity/Image Credits: The Spun)

Among these twelve, seven finalists are then selected to participate in the brand's annual Swim Week runway show in July. It is worth noting that during this show, Sims, who was eight months pregnant with her and Koepka's first child, Crew, walked the runway. 

On Thursday, the seven models who took part in the show were announced as SI's 2024 rookie class. Sims is joined by other rookies, namely Penny Lane, Brittney Nicole, Berkleigh Wright, Achieng Agutu, Nina Cash, and Sharina Gutierrez. 

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Photographs Capturing Joy and Happiness

Photographs Capturing Joy and Happiness
(Photographs Capturing Joy and Happiness/Image Credits: List Wire - USA Today)

Koepka and Sims made their pregnancy announcement on Instagram on the occasion of the professional golfer's 33rd birthday in May 2023. Approximately two weeks later, on Mother's Day, they disclosed the gender of their baby. "I am eagerly looking forward to embracing the role of a mother to a son," expressed the philanthropist on Instagram, accompanied by pictures of the couple enjoying donuts with blue icing. 

During a May 2019 interview with Golf Digest, the model revealed that despite meeting at a golf tournament, she and Koepka rarely discuss golf. Nevertheless, the former Miss Teen USA accompanies her husband to most of his golf tournaments and takes pleasure in supporting him. She admires his talent and finds watching him play enjoyable, despite Koepka's assumption that it may be tedious for her to walk around in the crowd.

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