Suki Waterhouse Has Expressed That Her Boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, Exhibited A High Ievel Of Acceptance
(Suki Waterhouse Has Expressed That Her Boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, Exhibited A High Ievel Of Acceptance /Image Credits: Sportskeeda)

Suki Waterhouse is discussing her experience of cohabitating with her partner, Robert Pattinson. The 31-year-old model and the 37-year-old Twilight actor have been in a relationship since 2018, but only recently decided to move in together approximately six months ago.

The course of the transition

During a recent interview on Apple's Driven Minds: A Type 7 podcast, hosted by Gillian Sagansky and released on Wednesday, Waterhouse candidly shared how Pattinson has been incredibly understanding and accommodating during the transition of her moving out of her apartment and into his living space.

Waterhouse expressed her overwhelming anxiety due to the move, as she was not present during the packing process and all her belongings were simply boxed up and transported. She mentioned that she sought the assistance of a professional cleaner to aid in organizing her possessions.

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The model acknowledged the statement

She stated that parting ways with her plants has been a personal challenge, as she has recently moved in with her boyfriend, and had previously lived alone. As Sagansky highlighted the significance of cohabitation with a partner, the model acknowledged that Pattinson has not expressed any concerns. 

Waterhouse expressed her gratitude for his acceptance of the mess and chaos, finding it charming. She considers herself fortunate to have such a supportive partner. Waterhouse also shared during the podcast that her relationship with The Batman actor felt particularly special, as they met after a period of celibacy.

The determination to engage

The determination to engage
(The determination to engage /Image Credits: Parade)

When questioned about her decision to practice abstinence, the actress from Love, Rosie discussed how past disappointments in her relationships played a significant role. In an unforeseen twist of fate, it transpired to be a serendipitous moment, ushering me into an era of abstention. 

According to Waterhouse, this period of abstention endured for a span of approximately half a year. Before being involved with Pattinson, the actress, who was born in London, revealed that she had encountered individuals with warning signs, such as narcissists and those who were consistently unfaithful.

The performer was duly recognized

When Sagansky inquired if there was anything different about her current relationship that made it more successful than her previous ones, the entertainer acknowledged that she is currently in a better place in her life.

Maybe, for me, it was about truly experiencing a sense of readiness that I have not encountered previously, where I genuinely possessed something of significant value to contribute. I have taken the time to reflect on myself and have been involved in various types of relationships, Waterhouse explained, emphasizing her preference for tranquillity.

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She conveyed her propensity

The determination to engage
(She conveyed her propensity /Image Credits: Distractify)

Moreover, I have achieved stability and have successfully organized my affairs. Reflecting upon her parents tumultuous relationship, she expressed her inclination towards having children in the future, albeit not as many.

I do not believe I would choose to have four, she conveyed to Sagansky. Furthermore, the topic of mental health was broached, wherein The Divergent Series: Insurgent actress acknowledged her struggles with anxiety. 

It is imperative to uphold

However, she typically manages this sentiment by allowing herself to experience a cathartic release through shedding tears. Regarding Waterhouse and Pattinson's romantic involvement, the couple tends to maintain a discreet public presence.

During an interview with The Sunday Times in April 2019, the Harry Potter actor briefly divulged his thoughts on Waterhouse, stating, If you allow others to enter your life, it diminishes the value of love.

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