Join The Movement Today: Be Part Of Gisele Bündchens Eco Challenge
(Join The Movement Today: Be Part Of Gisele Bündchens Eco Challenge/Image Credits: Harper's Bazaar Australia)

Gisele Bündchen stands out among the group of celebrities who're instantly recognizable, with just their first name. However this distinction has been earned through years of work and smart business decisions.

In her career Bündchen realized that she could distinguish herself from models who relied solely on their good looks and genetic advantages. Instead she decided to build her brand in a way that went beyond simply endorsing fashion and beauty products. In fact she believed it had the potential to make an impact on the world.

The act of stewardship is one in a series of initiatives undertaken by the Brazilian supermodel, who has been actively championing ecological causes for over a decade. Since 2009 Bündchen has proudly served as a goodwill ambassador for the UNs Environment Program. Has consistently spoken out against the devastating effects of deforestation in the Amazon region. Recently she even took on an executive producer role for the Netflix documentary called "Kiss the Ground."

Harness And Protect The Power Of This Planet

Embracing and safeguarding our planet's resources has always been deeply ingrained within me—I feel a connection with nature that constantly renews my spirit. Having grown up in a village in Brazil I have fond memories of spending school breaks at my grandmother's house. There was something about those visits as we would rise in the morning to milk cows, gather fresh eggs from chickens and assist her with tending to her beautiful vegetable and herb garden. My grandmother possessed an appreciation for nature and relied on it entirely for sustenance—it was truly inspiring.

Although I've always had an appreciation for nature, it wasn't until my visit to the Amazon rainforest in 2004 that I truly understood its profound vulnerability. During my time I had the privilege of connecting with the Kisêdjê tribe, in the Xingu region.

I felt compelled to take action and offer support to projects aimed at assisting the communities residing in this area as they possess an understanding of the importance of preserving our natural resources. Our very existence is sustained by Mother Nature, who generously provides everything we need to survive. Yet what have we humans done? We have simply taken without considering the consequences. It's a belief that everything on Earth exists solely for our benefit when in reality our planet is a living entity. We must recognize the fortune we have to inhabit this world filled with abundant resources.

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Leaving The World In A Better Place

Leaving the world in a better place
(Leaving the world in a better place/Image Credits:Vogue)

Leaving a legacy for generations has become all the more pressing since I became a parent myself. Ultimately we cannot carry anything with us beyond this life; what truly matters is what we leave behind. I have a desire to create a world for children ensuring that they possess the necessary skills and resources to appreciate all the wonders of our planet and make a positive difference in our society.

When it comes to children, leading by example is crucial. At our home we have a garden where the kids can witness and comprehend the time it takes for life to flourish. They learn about the importance of consuming produce. I've made it clear that I don't buy strawberries when they're out of season. 

We All Have The Power To Be Part Of The Solution

We all have the power to be part of the solution
(We all have the power to be part of the solution/Image Credits: Harper's Bazaar Australia)

To mark my birthday in July I made a decision to plant 40,000 trees and extended an invitation for everyone to join this endeavor.

Just picture this; what if every single person on our planet took the time to plant a tree as a symbol of their existence? Can you imagine the impact that would have? We would witness the birth of 7.5 billion trees annually leading to a regeneration of our beloved Earth in no time.

Animal rights activists stormed the stage while Bündchen was showcasing an outfit, at the Victorias Secret Fashion Show in New York back in 2002.

In an interview with Vogue Bündchen revealed a moment of realization. She reflected, "It suddenly hit me. I felt like I was trapped in a ending cycle; just going along with the expectations and instructions from my agent.. That moment stopped me in my tracks."

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