The Joint Statement From The Cast Of Friends Addresses The Tragic Death Of Matthew Perry
(The Joint Statement From The Cast Of Friends Addresses The Tragic Death Of Matthew Perry/Image Credits:Chronicle Live)

Matthew met his untimely demise on the fateful evening of Sunday, October 28. This tragicoccurrence unfolded as he found himself submerged in a whirlpool within the confines of his Los Angeles abode. This grievous incident resonates as the inaugural departure of a prominent member of the cherished ensemble of the popular television series, Friends. We express profound sorrow over the loss of Matthew, and the extent of our mourning is beyond measure.

We shared a bond that extended beyond being mere colleagues; we were a tightly-knit family. At this time, we require a period to grieve and reconcile with this unfathomable loss. Eventually, we will disclose further details regarding our emotions when we feel prepared. Currently, our hearts and affection are with Matty's family, his friends, and all those who cherished him globally.

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Experience Difficulty With Substance Dependency

Experience Difficulty With Substance Dependency
(Experience Difficulty With Substance Dependency/Image Credits:Moneycontrol)

The statement was endorsed by the remaining members of the cast. In his 2022 memoir, In "Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing," Matthew delved into his experience portraying Chandler Bing on the popular sitcom Friends, which aired from 1994 to 2004.

The highly anticipated Friends: The Reunion special, broadcasted in 2021 on HBO Max, brought together the six main cast members from the show. Additionally, Matthew's memoir provided an intimate account of his prolonged struggle with addiction.

She Conveyed Her Sympathies

She Conveyed Her Sympathies
(She Conveyed Her Sympathies/Image

Several former Friends cast members have paid tribute to Matthew Perry on social media following his passing, including Maggie Wheeler, who portrayed Janice, Chandler's on-and- off love interest.On  Instagram, Maggie expressed her condolences, stating, "What a loss. Matthew Perry will be dearly missed by the world.

The enduring impact of the happiness you brought to numerous individuals during your tragically brief existence will continue to resonate. I am profoundly grateful for every instance of artistic collaboration we experienced together." Furthermore, Morgan Fairchild,renowned for her portrayal of Nora Bing, Chandler's mother, expressed her heartfelt
condolences for Matthew on Twitter, expressing, "I am devastated by the untimely passing of
my 'son,' Matthew Perry.

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The Assessment Is Currently In Progress

The Assessment Is Currently In Progress
(The Assessment Is Currently In Progress/Image Credits:The Hollywood Reporter)

The loss of such a brilliant young actor is a shock." Matthew was allegedly discovered motionless in a jacuzzi within his residence and was declared deceased due to an apparentdrowning. Additionally,it was disclosed that prescription drugs were discovered at thepremises, while illicit drugs were absent.

At present, a comprehensive toxicological analysis is in progress, although the findings may remain undisclosed for an extended duration. Preceding this incident, Matthew had openly acknowledged his ongoing battle with substance dependency. Nevertheless, an officialdetermination pertaining to the cause of his demise remains pending.

They Conveyed Their Deep Sorrow

They Conveyed Their Deep Sorrow
(They Conveyed Their Deep Sorrow/Image Credits:Cinemablend)

The parents of the deceased star, Suzanne Langford and John Bennett Perry, along with his stepmother, Debbie Boyle, and stepfather, Dateline's Keith Morrison, are the surviving family members. In a heartfelt declaration, the family of Matthew conveyed their profound sorrow regarding his demise.

They acknowledged Matthew's remarkable contributions to the world as both an actor and a cherished companion, underscoring the immense significance he attached to his interpersonal
bonds. The family also expressed gratitude for the overwhelming display of affection and support..