From Hit Show To Cancellation, Talented Roseanna Bar Twitter Controversy
(From Hit Show To Cancellation, Talented Roseanna Bar Twitter Controversy/ Image Credits:CBS News)

Roseanna Bar was born in 1952 in Salt Lake City. In 1980, she started her career as a comedian. Hence, she also appeared on the Tonight Show. In 1986, she did a fantastic performance on the late-night show with David Letterman. However, in the same year, she launched her own roseanne barr show. Through this, she received an American comedy award for the best Comedian performance.

In 1987, producers wanted to cast Roseanna Bar in no Perks Family Comedy. However, she also starred in these series. Through her talent and fantastic performance, this film grossed over 21.4 million views and was the highest-rated debut of the season.

In 2011, she appeared in a comedy commercial along with the comedian. It was the most popular commercial which was watched by millions of people. In the same year, she also did a  reality show but unfortunately, it was cancelled that year.

Let's discuss her early life and personal life. Hence, she also had health problems and she fought with her disease for early recovery.

In 1974, she married Bill Pentland whom she met in Colorado. Hence, they had three children. After some months, they both filed for divorce with each other. In 1990, she tied the knot with a comedian and became known as Roseanna Arnold. She met him in 1983 and also brought him onto her sitcom.

Along with this, she had also dissociative identity disorder which was caused by childhood abuse. She was called by several names which ruined her personality. In 2015, she revealed that she had been diagnosed with macular degeneration and glaucoma. She had a mole behind the eye which was a vision problem that could be removed through surgery. In 2018, a rumour was spreading regarding her Health but she has transmitted on Social media that she was not going through any medical issues.

From Hit Show To Cancellation, Talented Roseanna Bar Twitter Controversy
(From Hit Show To Cancellation, Talented Roseanna Bar Twitter Controversy/ Image, Daily Mail)

In 2018, Roseanna Bar shared a tweet on Twitter regarding Valeria Jarret. The tweet was criticised as being racist about Jarret. But later she apologised for making fun of her looks and politics. Roseanna Bar disputed allegations of racism. Jarret released the video in which she commented thought the bitch was white. She also made a tweet in which she called it indefensible.

Later that day, ABC cancelled the show after she posted a racist tweet about Valeria Jarret. She is an African-American woman who was senior advisor to Barack Obama throughout his presidency. Hence, he was considered one of his most influential sides.

Roseanna Bar later apologised for her misbehaving but it was too late. The show was cancelled when she realised. Her Twitter statement was abhorrent and inconsistent with our values.

Thus, she has done a wonderful performance in her acting career and also won several awards. But after posting a tweet on Twitter, her show was cancelled. However, her tweet was repugnant.