Ruby Barker's Health Transformation: She Says, Happy To Be Alive!
( Ruby Barker's Health Transformation: She Says, Happy To Be Alive! /Image Credits: Entertainment Weekly)

British actress Ruby Barker is best known for portraying Marina in the Netflix historical drama Bridgerton. Her leading part in the movie How to Stop a Recurring Dream earned her the Best Actress prize at the British Urban Film Festival. She presented the outcomes of her wellness journey, which she undertook to enhance her mental health.

Mental health struggles of Ruby Barker!

On Thursday, Barker shared before-and-after images on Instagram. Barker, 26, commented, I wasn't happy in the first image. I felt as though I had lost the drive to care for my inner kid and prepare meals, clean the house, do my job, go out, and live for her as well as my intellect. However, Barker referred to both pictures as having beautiful bodies, noted that her weight loss and toning up was a by-product and included the hashtags bodypositive and mentalhealth. On Bridgerton, Marina Thompson was shown as saying that she got better by cooking, moving, sleeping, accepting where I am, and still getting back up.

It’s happy to be back again!

It hasn't happened overnight; it took months for me to fully surrender to my lifestyle changes with the aim of enhancing my physical, spiritual, and emotional health; little tweaks quickly turned into big victories.In the upcoming horror movie Baghead, Barker, who plays a character named Baghead, says, I would have panic attacks at the thought of stepping foot in a gym, I would I would starve myself all day, then binge, binge, binge, feel terrible, then do it all over again while running to the restroom to pretend I wasn't out after climbing stairs.

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Barker thanked her trainer!

Ruby Barker's Health Transformation: She Says, Happy To Be Alive!
(Barker thanked her trainer! /Image Credits: People)

Barker trainer Muyi reposted her post and complimented her, commenting, Amazing growth from Ruby!!! Cooking continues. The actress also disclosed last year that she had been hospitalized for mental health therapy, so this is not the first time she has been upfront about her health issues.

I can't wait for the future, I'm doing okay for myself, and I'm in a beautiful environment right now to take some time to myself, relax, and breathe, Barker stated at the time.  Exercising, talking to loved ones, going on walks, and trying not to isolate oneself are all incredibly important stages. Listen, it's not all doom and gloom, even when you hit rock bottom, I would simply advise my younger self if I could.Barker has lately referred to her hospitalization as Scary. She is a vocal supporter of mental health reform. Insufficient and clinical demand for further funds.  Although Barker acknowledged that discussing her mental health made her feel vulnerable, she went on to say that to help others, she felt it was crucial to be open and honest about her issues.

Advice by Barker!

Following that, the actress gave advice she would have given to herself when she was younger: I would just tell myself, listen, it's not all doom and gloom, even when you hit rock bottom. She also shared some past advice from Bridgerton co-star Claudia Jessie who had a big influence on her. Just flip the coin, she replied, and you'll see that the other side is sparkling. It might be dull on one side. Find the brightness, find the humorous, she said. I just want to let everyone who is presently struggling know that I am aware of them. I understand. However, locate the humorous and flip that coin.

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