Tiger inspired by Ben 

Tiger makes a comeback at the Masters after 14 months
Tiger inspired by Ben (Image Credits: britannica.com)

Tiger Woods is a renowned name in the field of golf. He has won the major games 15 times while he has also chased a record-breaking 6th green jacket. The guru of golf is inspired by Ben Hogan and he dedicates his recovery to him. Ben Hogan also had to get through an automobile accident in 1949 and his recovery was a source of inspiration for Tiger too.
Tiger is all set to play in the 86th Masters golf tournament and confirmed his presence by talking to the media about his sound health and the satisfactory treatment he received. Tiger is all praises for Ben’s ferocious recovery which gave Tiger strength to recover steadily for the 86th Masters games.

Car crash in Feb 2021

Tiger makes a comeback at the Masters after 14 months
Car crash in Feb, 2021 (Image Credits: Sky News.com)

In February 2021, Tiger suffered a deadly car crash in California that damaged his right leg causing major injuries, and was hospitalized immediately. He could not walk for months as his legs were failing and he was sure he had lost them forever.
Woods used to look up to Ben’s recovery although it happened decades ago especially when medical facilities and healthcare advancements were not up to the mark Still it was Ben’s courage and dedication that took him back to his field.

An unbelievable comeback

Tiger makes a comeback at the Masters after 14 months
An unbelievable comeback (Image Credits: TODAY.com)

Tiger wanted to achieve the same level of comeback so he relentlessly worked hard day and night so that he could start walking on his legs again and thump a club the next day just to stay in form.
Unfortunately, Hogan passed away in 1997 and that was the year when Tiger won his first major game and title at Augusta National. Ben also had to suffer a car crash in 1949 when he was only 36 years old but was able to make an astonishing recovery.

Ben’s recovery – ray of hope

Tiger makes a comeback at the Masters after 14 months
Ben’s recovery – ray of hope (Image Credits: jdmindcoach.com)

Tiger used to be in awe of Ben’s recovery despite having a broken left ankle, a fractured collarbone, and a chipped rib. Tiger looked up to Ben’s recovery and achievements while fighting his own battles from spinal fusion surgery a year before winning the event.  
Tiger used to recall Ben’s condition all the time, how he got hit by the bus, came back and won major games, and added titles to the main championship games. At that time Tiger himself was going through a spinal fusion that was his last chance of recovering otherwise doctors told him he wouldn’t be able to live a normal life again.
Tiger still gets shivers down his spine while recalling the time he spent in doubt whether he would be able to bounce back on the ground again or not. He used to mention those darkest times of his life.