Kylie Jenner's Lavish Lifestyle: A Tour Of Her Multi-Million Dollar Mansion
(Kylie Jenner's Lavish Lifestyle: A Tour Of Her Multi-Million Dollar Mansion /Image Credits: Vogue)

Kylie Jenner, the young star of the Kardashian’s family has always been exposed to a world of glitz and glamour hence, it is no surprise that she also leads a very luxurious lifestyle. Kylie who is a reality TV star and successful businesswoman, recently delighted her fans with an exclusive peek inside her very expensive mansion in Los Angeles giving us a glimpse of the beauty she wakes up in daily.

Amongst all the Kardashian, Kylie has been one of the most private, so this informal tour of her mansion was definitely a huge deal for her. Remember how skillfully she hid her pregnancy from the world and ensured no paparazzi interference? Yeah, her private residence was also top secret until she did her virtual tour. As the mansion does not feature on The Kardashian, many of her fans haven't also seen much of the reality TV star private space. So when Jenner graciously shared glimpses of her luxurious living room, complete with a stylish bar, captivating light fixtures, and even a piano, it’s definitely worth talking about. 

Responding to a fan request who asked for a house tour, Jenner said that while she wasn’t going to do a full house tour, she could share a quick peek.I’ll show you what room I am in, I am in my bar right now, Jenner said before turning the selfie camera horizontally and panning to the bar. She then moved ahead and said, And I like it because it has this great light.  The bar area which Jenner proudly showcased, had an impeccable white marble countertop adorned with an impressive collection of neatly arranged liquor bottles.

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Entering from the bar, Jenner turned the camera to reveal her beautiful living room. The room featured a very nice chevron-style wooden floor, a long white rectangular couch elegantly placed on a plush white rug, and a captivating dark gray fireplace with a mounted plasma TV.Adding a touch of playfulness, she proudly presented a shuffleboard table as a delightful element in her luxurious home. Jenner humorously remarked, This is my living room This is weird.

Kylie Jenner's Lavish Lifestyle: A Tour Of Her Multi-Million Dollar Mansion
(Kylie Jenner's Lavish Lifestyle: A Tour Of Her Multi-Million Dollar Mansion /Image Credits: CBS News)

Continuing the tour, Jenner directed the camera's attention to a beautiful white piano with a clear top. While showing the lovely piano Jenner revealed in the video that she is planning to learn how to play the piano this summer along with her daughter Stormi. And my piano which I’m gonna learn how to play, Jenner said while sitting down at the white piano. My daughter [Stormi Webster] plays piano, she has piano lessons every week, and I’m gonna learn I decided this summer I’m gonna learn how to play the piano.

According to an inside source, Kylie Jenner reportedly bought the lavish mansion in 2020 for a whopping amount of $36.5 million. Her seven-bedroom, 10-bathroom Holmby Hills property is a dream home with amazing decor, a massive walk-in closet, a stunning pool and a 20-car garage.Jenner's love for her beautiful home was definitely showing in the way she shyly but happily shared a bit of its grandeur with her fans and well wishers. Her virtual tour concluded with a blown kiss, leaving her viewers surprised at the luxury that surrounds her everyday life.

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