A Surprise New For Bailey's Fans

A Surprise New For Bailey's Fans
(A Surprise New For Bailey's Fans/ Image Credits: Page Six)

Fans contemplate Bailey's pregnancy by looking at her suspicious choice of clothing while she was seen running chores with her boyfriend. Fans witnessed Bailey wearing light gray oversized sweatpants and a dark gray hoodie with a red t-shirt underneath the hoodie. To feel comfortable, she was wearing slides with black socks and her hair tied in the form of a bun.

DDG whose real name is Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr. was also seen wearing matching clothes as of Bailey’s. The actor was wearing dark gray sweatpants, a black T shirt with matching black sneakers and a long necklace. They both were seen smiling and excited as paparazzi took their pictures.

DDG An American Rapper & YouTuber

DDG who is also a Youtuber solaced Bailey while rubbing her back and on and off putting his arms around her shoulders as they were busy talking and walking. Fans adored these moments and wished best to the couple.

23 years old Bailey’s tummy was slightly bumped out and she looked heavier and a bit chubbier than before. 26 years old DDG and Bailey both had bandages on their elbows which confirm the news of Bailey’s pregnancy as they must have gone for medical tests. After promenading in the streets of Santa Monica Bailey went inside the building whereas DDG took-off in his car. The news of their romance first glimmered when they both were seen together at a concert in January 2022 and two months later made their relationship official.

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MTV's Video Music Awards

MTV's Video Music Awards
(MTV's Video Music Awards/ Image Credits: Page Six)

The news of Bailey's pregnancy was confirmed when she wore an oversized, long and flowy orange outfit to MTV Video Music Awards in September 2023. While Bailey hugged her sister Chloe, she started crying which was an overwhelmingly rare sight. Fans think that those were happy tears as Bailey is impassive so tears rolling down her cheeks that too in front of a family member shows that her pregnancy news means a lot for her family.

Sources told Page Six that Bailey was not comfortable getting photographed on the Red Carpet and her main focus was on the performance she was presenting on the show. Some more sources reveal that Bailey was very active throughout the event and her mind was fully working to whom she was giving hugs. Sources claim that the actress would keep her distance from someone who came close to her for the hug, instead she was seen shaking hands rather than hugs.

Speculations & Clues By Fans

Right after her pictures surfaced on social media, her fans started commenting and conveying best wishes for the couple. Some were still curious to know the real news and asked Bailey if she really is pregnant while others commented that they already know she is expecting so she should announce it instead of hiding it. Apart from a few nosy fans, there were her well-wishers too who were anxiously waiting for The Little Mermaid’s arrival.

After much keenness, fans are squiggling down the clues Bailey gave them over the course of different events. Fans noticed that Bailey was seen standing behind DDG in DDG’s YouTube video apparently hiding her bump. They also noticed her dancing with the little bump at Beyonce’s concert. Some even noticed a TikTok video where Bailey covered her big tummy with her oversized pink dress while she took a picture with a fan. Her fans have also noticed her wearing big, chubbier, and loose-fitting clothes.

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Pregnancy News Made Official

Despite all these clues, evidence and pictures the actress has not made any official statement yet. Fans keep checking her social media accounts in a hope that she will share or disclose anything related to her pregnancy. After making her fans wait for so long, finally Bailey shared news of her pregnancy in a video that went viral in a few minutes. The actress announced the news of her pregnancy where she was seen happy, excited and joyous for the arrival of her little one.