Katie Couric And John Molner Were Present At The American Ballet Theatre Gala As Esteemed Guests Of Honour
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Katie Couric and John Molner exhibited their endorsement for the performing arts as they attended the 2023 American Ballet Theatre  Fall Gala on Tuesday evening at Lincoln Center in New York City. 

At the age of 66, Couric radiated elegance in a ballgown that boasted a belted cinched waist. The strapless formal gown showcased an ombre effect of watercolored abstract florals, commencing on the bodice and gradually fading into a delicate mauve hue that gracefully cascaded down to the floor.

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Honored By The Attendance

Honored By The Attendance
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To complement her vibrant attire, she adorned herself with silver platform heels, silver rings, a gold cuff, and gold drop earrings adorned with intricate flower motifs. The American Ballet Theatre Fall Gala will be graced by the presence of Couric, Molner, and The Shubert Foundation as the guests of honor. 

This highly anticipated event, which takes place once a year, showcases the exceptional talents of the American Ballet Theatre's principal dancers, as stated by the organization. The performances have been meticulously choreographed by esteemed choreographers Harald Lander, Kenneth MacMillan, and Antony Tudor. 

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A Private Ceremony Was Conducted

A Private Ceremony Was Conducted
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Additionally, a special performance choreographed by ABT principal dancer James Whiteside will also be featured during the evening. Couric encountered her second spouse Molner in 2012 after being introduced by a mutual acquaintance. 

The pair became engaged in 2013 and exchanged vows in a private ceremony held in their backyard the subsequent year. On the occasion of their eighth wedding anniversary in 2022, Couric received the distressing news of being diagnosed with breast cancer. 

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The Journalist Of High Regard Disclosed

The Journalist Of High Regard Disclosed
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She subsequently disclosed this diagnosis in a heartfelt essay published in September of the same year. the esteemed correspondent unveiled that Molner had undergone a surgical procedure to excise a neoplasm the magnitude of a coconut from his hepatic organ merely a few lunar cycles antecedent to their nuptials in the year 2014.

Whilst gracing the stage of the Today show, Couric conveyed her profound appreciation for the punctual detection of her malignant ailment. She underwent a lumpectomy to remove a small tumor in July and started radiation treatment in September 2022. 

She Takes Pleasure In Divulging Details About Her Life

She Takes Pleasure In Divulging Details About Her Life
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In a recent interview with Katie Couric Media, Molner shared his thoughts on Couric's openness about her diagnosis and her memoir, Going There, which was published in 2021. Molner expressed his belief in being a private person, however, he acknowledged that Katie is a public figure who enjoys sharing her life. 

He initially had reservations about the extent of information she would disclose, but he recognized the importance of authenticity in her journey toward writing a significant book. Molner emphasized that honesty is crucial in such a book, and he commended Katie for being true to herself throughout the process.