Justin Bieber's Favorite Ways to Stay Active
(Justin Bieber's Favorite Ways to Stay Active/Image Credits: GQ)

Health is wealth and just like many celebrities, Justin Bieber knows too well how important it is to stay active and healthy.

Justin Bieber, started his career in the entertainment industry at a very young age and rose to fame after the release of his hit song baby. However, after a few years, the singer seemed to spiral down the wrong path and even lost a lot of weight.

But surprisingly, the Hollywood superstar didn’t let his dark days bring him down as he has openly overcomed his demons and is now leading a very healthy lifestyle. 

Bieber who had a skinny body transformed from a skinny teen boy to a muscular young man. And has invested a lot in his physical health to remain healthy.

To discover some secrets to keeping fit and remaining active that Justin Bieber has shared over the years, continue reading!

Take exercises seriously

Over the years, Justin has used his social media accounts to share his many workout secrets with his fans and followers on Instagram and Twitter. The pop star performs a set routine of exercises every day, including abs, leg, and shoulder workout on one day, biceps and chest workout on another day, and triceps and back workout on another day. This according to him, keeps your whole body fit and not just some parts of your body.

Eat Healthy 

As a way to stay healthy, Justin Bieber makes sure that he always chooses healthy and clean food. 

In the past, you’ve probably heard of Bieber’s erratic behavior and love for a bit too many cocktails. But now, according to insider sources, he has taken a turn for the better and takes cautious steps to make sure he has a lot of healthy foods stocked up in his fridge.

While on tour in India in 2016, an inside source leaked the lists of snacks, refreshments, and accoutrements which the singer asked for. 

Some noteworthy items on the list included; coconut water, 24 alkaline water bottles, natural juices, a half gallon of almond milk, organic honey and decaffeinated herbal teas.

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Enjoy Sports

Enjoy Sports
(Enjoy Sports/Image Credits: IWMBuzz,The Economic Times)

Justin Bieber also uses sports as a way to stay healthy. 

The music icon enjoys skateboarding and in his free time he also plays hockey. Apart from that, Bieber also plays soccer and basketball. 

According to the star, playing sports is a great way to stay fit as it is fun and will also help you stay fit and in shape.

He Uses a Personal Trainer

While working out may seem easy, if you can afford it, it is definitely better to work out with a personal trainer. 

Bieber has his own personal trainer named Patrick Nilsson with whom the star workouts five days a week. With the help of his trainer, he has been able to carry out his workout routines consistently. 

The popstar does abs workouts every day along with splits for three days, triceps and back on day one of the week, biceps and chest on the second day, and legs and shoulders on the third day.

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According to Justin Bieber, he likes to rotate his exercises so the workout is not boring for him, and he also advised his fans to do the same.

Along with exercising, and all the stuffs listed above, the last way to remain healthy and active according to Bieber is to take some time to yourself to relax, unwind and start a new day.