Jaime Pressly's Family Life and Parenting Journey
(Jaime Pressly's Family Life and Parenting Journey/Image Credits:Right Rasta)

Jaime Pressly initiated her career during her teenage and embarked on the highest fan following and received the love of being the favorite comedy actress. Pressly started his career in the year 1996, after getting success of every character she has done. Jaime has secured a place, especially for her 5 awards and many more to come, as well as some minor awards that make her one of the top actresses.

Who is Jaime Pressly? 

Jaime Pressly's Family Life and Parenting Journey
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She was born on 30th July in the year 1977, in North Carolina, United States. Her parents were great, her mother is a dance instructor, while her father used to sell cars as a salesman. 

She got some traits of dancing from her mother, as she was also trained as a gymnast and was very good at it, on the other hand, she embarked on her career by being a model at the age of 13. 

While she was only 14 years old, Jaime believed that the only one who thought differently in the family was her, due to these thoughts she left her family to live on her own very soon.

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How did she feel during her Teenage?

Jaime Pressly's Family Life and Parenting Journey
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She felt like a tomboy during her teens which made her the target of the bully of her high school girls. At that time, she was so fed up with the behavior of those girls and asked her parents to please let her be admitted to another school. But unfortunately, both of the parents did not give heed to her request and in the end, Pressly had to take care of it alone.

She got some nervous and without informing her parents, applied to many modeling agencies in the US, and applied till she was called by one of the agencies and they accepted her. To pursue her career in modeling, she took off to Japan while holding a contract in her hand.

She was achieving success and was being known by many but suddenly she felt disheartened as the achievement was without her parent’s permission. So, after many years she apologized to them for taking that harsh step.

Luckily, she was at the peak of success at that time and was seen on the cover of the famous magazine “Teen Magazine”.

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Jaime Relationship History

Jaime Pressly's Family Life and Parenting Journey
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She had a friend named Cuban DJ Eric Cubiche for nine years, until they decided to be in a relationship with each other and started dating in the year 2005, happy together and got engaged in 2006, but it lasted for only two years.

They had a child together in the year 2007 in May, the couple was blessed with a son whose name is Dezi James, who has reached 16 years up till now, after a year they got separated and at that time, they knew how to bring up their son together without fighting over the custody and she said that his dad is always there for him, every time he needs so she does not call herself a single mom because both of them are present for Dezi.