Janice Dickinson’s Unfiltered Truth: From Supermodel Stardom To Life’s Ups And Downs!
(Janice Dickinson’s Unfiltered Truth: From Supermodel Stardom To Life’s Ups And Downs! /Image Credits: The Hollywood Reporter)

Janice Doreen Dickinson is one of the most popular model in the world today. The beautiful star who is currently 68, during her prime days was an iconic model who graced the front pages many magazines. She was born on February 15, 1955 and over the years has worked as an American supermodel, fashion photographer, actress, author and talent agent. Her most popular TV appearance is being a main judge on the first four cycles of the reality TV show the American Next Top Model. Continue reading to find out more about the ups and downs of Janice’s life as a star. 

First supermodel claim

Janice who is very vocal about her glory days in modelling, proclaimed that she was the first model to coin the word Supermodel. In E! Network's E! True Hollywood Story, she described how she coined the term Supermodel. Her manager, concerned that at the peak of her modeling career she was doing too much work, told her, You are not superman. Dickinson replied, I am not superman, I am a supermodel.However, her claim of being the first supermodel, is highly disputed as many believe that Dorian Leigh who is widely recognized as being a supermodel, started her career and ended it before Janice was even born. And also in 1968, an article in Glamour Magazine described Twiggy, Cheryl Tiegs, Wilhelmina, Veruschka, Jean Shrimpton and fifteen other top models as supermodels.

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Janice Dickinson Days On Reality TV

Following her modelling days, Janice reemerged on TV as a main judge on the reality series America's Next Top Model and her subsequent reality show and modeling agency The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.In 2005, Janice was also a regular on show The Surreal Life for its fifth season. But this show is one of the low times for Janice as she was constantly fighting with fellow castmate Omarosa.In recent interviews, Janice expressed her regrets for appearing on the show and she would rather it be forgotten.In November 2007, Janice became one of the celebrities taking part in the UK reality TV show I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!. Which she placed second in the final.

Her Personal life

Janice Dickinson’s Unfiltered Truth: From Supermodel Stardom To Life’s Ups And Downs!
(Her Personal life /Image Credits: Us Weekly)

Janice is a beautiful lady and as such had a lot of men flocking around her. The super model over the years have been married three times. Her former husbands are Ron Levy, Alan B. Gersten, and Simon Fields.She has two children, a son, Nathan Fields born May 5th, 1987 whom she shares with Simon Fields and a daughter Savannah Dickinson born February 23, 1994 by former boyfriend, Michael Birnbaum. She has also had several sexual affairs in the past with big names like Warren Beatty, Sylvester Stallone, and Jack Nicholson.In an interview on The Howard Stern Show in 2007, Janice claimed to have had sex with over 1,000 men.

Age Controversy 

Apart from her controversial sex life, Janice has also faced a lot of criticism due to her date of birth.The star’s date of birth has alternated between February 15, 17, or 28 in 1951, 1952, 1954, or 1960. But according to the model, in the first episode of I am Celebrity in 2007, she stated her age as 53. This corresponds with the 1955 date of birth given in this article. 

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