From engaging in "Slow Jam News" segments with President Obama to sharing the stage with artists like Bruce Springsteen. He even engages in lip sync battles with Paul Rudd. Creates parodies of celebrities and iconic moments from pop culture.

In 2014 Jimmy Fallon took over as the host of "The Tonight Show," a standing NBC late night talk show. Pentagram was responsible for revamping the show's identity by updating the Tonight Show" crescent moon logo to feature a moon. This change signified Jimmy's perspective on the program, which had relocated back to New York after over four decades, in Los Angeles.

Circular Emblem Of The Show

Circular Emblem Of The Show
(Circular Emblem Of The Show/ImageCredits:Britannica)

Throughout its history the crescent moon has been a part of "The Tonight Show" logo. It originated during Johnny Carson's thirty year tenure (1962 1992) continued through Jay Leno's years (1992 2009 2010 2014) and even remained during Conan O'Briens interlude (2009 2010). With Jimmy taking charge the designers felt it was time to give prominence to the moon by placing it front and center.

Thus the moon takes on the form of a logo resulting in a circular emblem that can be utilized as both a photograph and a flat graphic.

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The designers were extremely excited to collaborate with Fallon and his team more as they had previously created the logo for "Late Night, with Jimmy Fallon." Recognizing the role the logo would play in promoting the show to its premiere Jimmy actively participated in its creation.

He Dominated The Show Like No Other

He Dominated The Show Like No Other
(He Dominated The Show Like No Other/ImageCredits:NBC New York)

Since March 2014 it has been a month since Jimmy Fallon took over as the host of The Tonight Show replacing Jay Leno. Surprisingly he has exceeded NBCs expectations by maintaining the shows number one position, in late night US television and establishing dominance online.

During the week of March 3 in the year (the recent ratings available) Fallon's Tonight Show attracted an impressive 4.537 million viewers surpassing his broadcast late night rivals Jimmy Kimmel Live (2.744 million) and Late Show with David Letterman (2.761 million). Furthermore in the adults 18-49 demographic targeted by advertisers, Fallon (1.34) outperformed both Kimmel (0.73) and Letterman (0.56) combined—an increase of 43% compared to Jay Leno's rating this season on Tonight (0.94) before stepping down on February 6.

Fallons success has also contributed to bringing down The Tonight Show's age to 52.7 from Leno's average of 58.4 a year, an impressive accomplishment indeed! For comparison, Kimmel's show appeals to an audience, with an age of 56.2 while Letterman attracts viewers with an age of 59.2.

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However despite Fallon's success in maintaining Tonight's ratings and attracting a younger audience, his greatest accomplishment in his first month is evident online. For the time there has been a significant surge in people watching and sharing clips from The Tonight Show. In fact all of Fallons 10 watched clips on YouTube from February 17th (the day of his debut on The Tonight Show) to March 15th have amassed over 2 million views each. This stands in contrast to Lenos tenure, where only five of his Tonight Show clips managed to surpass the 1 million views mark on YouTube.

Why People Like Jimmy Fallon The Most

Why People Like Jimmy Fallon The Most
(Why People Like Jimmy Fallon The Most/ImageCredits:Last Night On)

Many people have preferences when it comes to late night talk show hosts. Liberals tend to enjoy watching Stephen Colbert while Republicans lean towards Jimmy Kimmel. However it seems that Jimmy Fallon is generally well liked by everyone.Fallon has an appeal, for reasons. He particularly resonates with women as he was the choice when asked who they would like to have a drink with.

 When compared to Kimmel or Colbert, viewers often associate words like "authentic " " dude," and even "party animal" with Fallon thanks to his background on "Saturday Night Live."In addition to his popularity Fallon is known for his collaborations and unique experiences. For instance he partnered with J.Crew to create a pocket square iPhone hybrid. He has shared meat platters with Nick Offerman, sung alongside Ariana Grande, danced with Jennifer Lawrence and even had a handshake with Justin Bieber.One potential advantage for Fallon is that viewers nowadays seem more concerned about opening monologues compared to a decade ago. 

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In 2010 38% of viewers considered the monologue their part of the show; however this year's poll indicated that 23% held the same sentiment. Instead interviews, with guests followed by commentary or skits were ranked as the most popular segments.It's clear that Jimmy Fallon genuinely enjoys engaging with his audience and prioritizes their experience on the show. His friendly and outgoing nature shines through in his interactions.He has a knack for inspiring others to bring out the best in themselves. It's not easy for them to entertain any thoughts about the people they hold dear. Despite being the host of The Tonight Show, with Jimmy Fallon he must maintain a presence to engage with the audience and ensure their enjoyment of his show.