Andrew Dice Clay Discusses How Bradley Cooper Selected Him To Play Lady Gaga's Father In The Film A Star Is Born
(Andrew Dice Clay Discusses How Bradley Cooper Selected Him To Play Lady Gaga's Father In The Film A Star Is Born/Image Credits:ScreenCrush)

Andrew Dice Clay's supporting role in the 2018 film A Star Is Born can be attributed to a fortuitous encounter. During a recent appearance on comedian Chris DiStefano's podcast Chrissy Chaos, Dice, who is 65 years old, disclosed that his involvement in Bradley Cooper's directorial debut as Lady Gaga's character's father came about after a chance meeting with Cooper, who is 48, at the renowned Los Angeles nightclub The Troubadour.

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Casually Made A Comment

Casually made a comment
(Casually made a comment/Image Credits:People Magazine)

Dice recounted the incident, stating, "As I was leaving, I crossed paths with Bradley Cooper and casually remarked, 'By the way, you were excellent in American Sniper.' To my surprise, his mother, Gloria Campano, caught hold of me and insisted, 'Hold on, where are you rushing off to?'"

According to Dice, Campano informed him that the Cooper family were admirers of his comedic talent. After expressing his admiration for Cooper's acting skills, Dice left the club. Subsequently, the comedian's manager, Bruce Rubenstein, contacted A Star Is Born producer Todd Phillips and sent an email describing Dice as a uniquely talented actor.

The Discourse Primarily Centered Round

The discourse primarily centered round
(The discourse primarily centered round/Image Credits:Consequence of Sound)

Abruptly, a telephone call was received from Bradley Cooper, expressing his inclination to accompany me, as we had previously encountered each other at The Troubadour. Throughout our conversation, the primary subject matter revolved around my offspring, and we dedicated a cumulative duration of three hours to this discourse," Dice declared.

The following day, Dice mentioned that Cooper reached out to him via text message, requesting a meeting with Lady Gaga, aged 37, while she was in the process of recording music for her role as the aspiring superstar, Ally.

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We Cordially Extend An Invitation

We cordially extend an invitation
(We cordially extend an invitation/Image Credits:Pinterest)

We conversed about our experiences on tour, and I informed her that I had previously engaged in activities similar to what she was currently pursuing. To my surprise, she was well-informed about my background, as her father, Joey, is a devoted fan, Dice revealed, further asserting that he had the opportunity to participate in the drumming for at least one song featured in the film. 

Suddenly, Gaga's assistant appeared behind me with an iPad, and I proceeded to play the song for the drummer in its intended manner," he recounted. At the time of this occurrence, Cooper arrived and proceeded to observe the ongoing proceedings.

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Currently In The Process Of Undertaking

Currently in the process of undertaking
(Currently in the process of undertaking/Image Credits:IMDb, UPROX)

He suggested, 'Let's move to another studio, just the three of us.' He then proposed, 'Alright, Dice, I just want to experiment with some scenes.' I responded, 'Bradley, I have yet to peruse the script, which is quite extensive.' 

He replied, 'Let's just attempt a lighthearted scene. You're in the kitchen, enjoying your morning coffee. Just some enjoyable father-daughter interaction.' The outcome was highly satisfactory." Dice stated that after completing another acting exercise with Gaga, which resulted in both actors shedding tears, Cooper decided to cast him in the film. 

The Film Was Nominated For Eight Awards

The film was nominated for eight Awards
(The film was nominated for eight Awards/Image Credits:IMDb, UPROX)

During an interview with host DiStefano, Dice revealed that he received the official offer two days later. Dice recounted Cooper's phone call, stating that he was offered the role of Lorenzo, Stephanie's father, and was astonished by the news. 

In addition to Cooper, Gaga, and Dice, A Star Is Born showcased performances from Sam Elliot, Anthony Ramos, Dave Chappelle, and Brandi Carlisle. The film received eight Oscar nominations at the 2019 Academy Awards, with the song "Shallow" winning for Best Original Song.