Jason Kelce Expressed His Enjoyment In Observing The Global Audience's Reception Of Taylor Swift During Travis' Game
(Jason Kelce Expressed His Enjoyment In Observing The Global Audience's Reception Of Taylor Swift During Travis' Game / Image Credits:Bleeding Green Nation,FourStatesHomepage.com)

Jason Kelce has expressed his thoughts on the media frenzy surrounding his brother Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. The 35-year-old Eagles star recently appeared on Audacy's SportsRadio 94 WIP, where he was asked about the popular singer's attendance at Arrowhead Stadium to watch the Kansas City Chiefs tight end play, followed by her attendance at Travis' after-party. 

Jason stated that he is enjoying the reaction of the public to the event. He was also questioned about his previous joke on the same radio show, where he claimed that his brother and Swift were 100% dating. Jason clarified that he was being sarcastic and that he had anticipated the reaction that his joke would receive. 

Numerous speculations circulating 

He further stated that he does not have much knowledge about Travis' love life and prefers to keep it private. However, he believes that the rumours surrounding Travis and Swift are true and wishes them the best. 

The siblings convened this week, two days after the game, to discuss Swift's appearance on a recent episode of their weekly podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce Presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment. 

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He conveyed his contentment

He conveyed his contentment
(He conveyed his contentment / Image Credits:People)

Travis, 33, expressed his satisfaction with life and the enjoyable weekend he had. Travis, conversing with Jason, acknowledged Taylor's presence in his suite during the thrilling game, stating, I commend Taylor for her boldness.

Regarding Swift's attendance at the game alongside his mother, Donna Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs star remarked, Observing the slow-motion chest bumps, witnessing the high fives with my mom, and seeing the excitement of Chiefs kingdom because she was there - it was absolutely hilarious. This game will certainly be etched in my memory.

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A credible informant provided information

Although Swift's presence at Sunday's game garnered significant attention towards their speculated relationship, a reliable source informed that they are still in the early stages of getting to know each other. 

They are enjoying themselves, the insider added, noting that Swift and Kelce had met before she attended the game. This marked Taylor's inaugural encounter with his parents, and the occasion was thoroughly enjoyable for all parties involved. She was relaxed and casually spent time with his friends and family.

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