Kelly Brooks' Fashion Advice And Her Road To Self Confidence
(Kelly Brooks' Fashion Advice And Her Road To Self Confidence/ Image Credits:Metro)

Forty three year old English model and actress. She has a brand called F&F and her main target is to provide affordable inclusive clothing to all women of different sizes. She topped FHM's sexiest woman list in 2005 and has appeared on Tv Shows such as Celebrity Juice and Loose Women.

Her recent go to look

In a recent 2023 interview, Brooke said that one of her favourite go to styles is wearing a floral Bardot dress. After she came back from her trip in texas she felt like a Southern belle with her cowboy hat and boots, but the weather in the Uk isn't exactly the best for this fit, so she usually likes to add a denim jacket to her overall look.

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Affordable fashion

When asked about whether fashion is always meant to be expensive or not Kelly said not at all. She likes to invest more money in handbags and shoes, once in a while she'll buy something super expensive but it's mostly for special occasions or when she likes the feel of wearing something pricey. But for her day to day clothes, Brooke chooses more affordable options. As she works for iheart radio, she does need more clothes for everyday use. In the times we’re living nobody has that much money to waste on expensive clothing. Due to this very reason, Brooke has made her brand very budget friendly and easily accessible to normal people.

Fashion advice

Fashion advice
(Fashion advice/ Image Credits:Glam Gallery)

Brooke's only fashion advice is to wear clothes according to your own body type and to not follow temporary trends in order to fit in, Fashion is a weird one because not everything is going to fit everybody’s body shape. You should always work with the body you've got and never see current trends as the only way to dress. That's why I think F&F employs someone like me. It’s not just because I'm a fashion model. It’s because I've got a particular body shape and I look a particular way in clothes. Someone who has a shape like mine can go oh ok if Kelly can wear that dress, so I can also wear that dress


Brooke says it's really important for fashion brands, especially the more famous and mainstream ones, to take everyone in consideration, people of shapes and sizes. There’s too much emphasis on being a skinny girl and all fast fashion brands have immense variety on only one size and that is small. Kelly said,  I’m a curvy girl and I’d still like to wear jeans, feel sexy in my clothes. I do feel like it's important to have something for all shapes and sizes for sure.

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Number one hack

When asked about a quick fashion hack, Brooke replied, Oh, the next hack is when I get off the flight. I've got an event to go to for a party and I've got to get into high heels and my feet are swollen. I pick up a hair dryer and start blow drying my shoes. It softens the leather and my feet just slip on. I feel like a Cindrella going to the ball.

Fashion Role Model

Fashion Role Model
(Fashion Role Model/ Image Credits:The Hollywood Reporter)

Her fashion icon is Jennifer Lopez who she wholeheartedly adores, Jennifer is fit, happy and healthy and she looks incredible in everything. Her fashion sense is amazing.  

Self- Confidence

Her style has drastically transitioned from when Brooke was in her twenties. She admits that she used to wear heels all the time in order to look taller and slimmer but over time she accepted her body shape and started feeling confident in her own curvy body. It's definitely a gradual transition from being insecure about your looks to loving yourself and being confident in your own skin.